Wenzel Tents

I am legitimately impressed with the Sunsetter backpacking tent. I’m not sure I’d trust the weatherproofing, but it looks to be a well designed and really cheap tent at a reasonable weight. A little small for me, but if I were a shorter man, I’d consider it.

Call me a snob, but I can’t bring my self to take a second look at a tent with fiberglass poles…

do you even tent bro? 99% of tent use fiberglass poles. What kind of pole do you prefer?

My Alps Mountaineering tent has aluminum poles. They are pretty much bulletproof but i deal with fiberglass. Crack one just wrap with duct tape and will get you threw your trip. New poles can be had.

I have 2 tents and they both have aluminum poles. I shop at REI sometimes and always seen aluminum poles in their displays. I think the discount/cheaper tents come with fiberglass.


Im a tent snob too. Buy once, cry once. Cheap tents use fiberglass poles. My Mountain Hardwear tent uses aluminum poles which are much stronger than fiberglass… and prettier too.


Found an ad from the early 70’s for a wenzel wanderer cabin tent. Based on the price of the tent vs the other items as well as the year this may be a good deal haha. I remember my dad having a similar Coleman tent from that time frame and it was used very heavily with no issues. We would weatherproof every season just to make sure.

Does the shower tent come with the 5 gallon water bladder?

Hi good night, I like know how this packed and what are the dimensions of the packaging, could give me details of the measures of the box?

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Which item are you interested in?

I don’t think the shower tent comes with the bladder, but I’m checking with our buyers to confirm.

UPDATE: Surprise! It does come with the bladder. It will be added to the sale shortly.

These dome tents appear to be on clearance to make way for upgraded models that have a small side wall of the waterproof base mat material instead of none at all. Poor design and libel to let water in in any decent rain. If you buy one, use some sort of water proofing product around the base.

Im have interest in the Wenzel 36440 Harvest Moon 3-Person Tent. I like know the size of the shipping box.

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Here ya go:

Shipping Weight: 11.88 lbs
Shipping Size: 26" L x 6.75 W x 6.75 H

The WZ9364813 Wind River…

…looks amazingly similar to the old Eureka Copper Canyon 8.

The one pictured here seems to have a few upgrades (bigger windows, a tiny awning), but the key features still seem to be there. Same metal up-right poles, same mostly vertical walls, same power plug slot, same pole-to-corner connections. I own 2 copper canyon 6s, both of which have been to Burning Man and held up splendidly. Any idea if this is the same kind of tent, just rebranded?

The description says it’s a tub floor with the seams off the ground. I’m really tempted… my Cub Scout will be a Boy Scout soon, and needs a tent he can handle by himself.

“Weatherproof, polyester tub-style floor keeps seams off the ground so your tent remains dry”

I use 4 different style tents. 1 has steel poles (coleman) and the other aluminum (4 season MSR type backpacker 5 person). 2 have fiberglass that have poles the size of broom handles. I camp (in a tent) no less then 7 times a year. Use the rockwall during boyscout summer camp (8 days strait). Plenty of room and water tight.



Gotta love the remote overhead CFL light too. Very roomy, and it’s move in ready in less then 15 minutes (even in high winds). Oh, and it has STEEL poles… and did I mention the remote light?