Wenzel Tents

Do you have any pictures of the container or bag for the 9 person tent?

I have one that looks almost exactly like it but it got ripped up. Mine came with a nice wheeled zipper bag for storage.

What does this one come with?

The fly doesnt cover the whole tent? I guess water magically doesnt blow into your tent with the Wetzel

I’m not sure which tent you’re referring to, but I have a tent really similar to the 9 person. The fly covers about the same amount of the tent, and it works great! I was camping last summer and we were stuck in a 2 hour raging thunderstorm. Not a drop of water came in the tent. I was really impressed, especially because my thought was initially the same as yours.

Hey HairyButt, I’m checking with our buyers to see what we know. A wheeled bag sounds AMAZING!

I bought the 1 person wanderer tent a couple weeks ago when they were last on woot.
I took it on an overnight backpacking trip and it performed admirably. There was even a thunderstorm that went by during the night. I was completely pleased when I was still bone dry in the morning. I did however lay a light tarp underneath, so that could only have helped in keeping the bottom dry too.
The only major downside for me was the lack of any real vestibule. I had to rig my backpack up in a tree with my poncho to keep it dry through the night in the rain.

Overall, I’m absolutely satisfied and impressed with it.

What is the packed size of the 1 person tent?

Many campers are going to tyvek (also used to wrap houses and make envelopes, etc) for their bottom cloth due to lightness, toughness and waterproof qualities.

I’ve just measured it at 18 inches in length, and about 18 inches around in circumference.

I guess another thing that would be nice, is if the poles had more segments and could break down smaller. That’s not really a complaint, but it would be nice.

Interesting, that’s a pretty neat idea.

I know Woot! thinks they’re being cute, but it’s incredibly shallow and disrespectful to use the tagline “Become a homeowner!” for this product. Homelessness isn’t a joke.

Shame on you, Woot!. (your filter for that word is ridiculous, too)

How do you get ‘homeless’ from ‘homeowner’? There are a ton of people who aren’t homeowners that aren’t homeless, including myself. I live in an apartment, which I lease and do not own.

Become a homeowner- by buying a tent. If you don’t get it, I can’t help you.

Not to mention Tyvek is dirt cheap.

I came in here to say that the 1 person tent is an excellent cost-to-weight ratio for a backpacker tent. Similar tents usually cost 3 times that much.

3 pounds is on the heavy side, but considering that my 1.75 pound tent cost me nearly 350 bucks for a 50% weight reduction, it’s hard to argue with the value of the tent.


It’s been a few days. Any word on the packaging for the nine person tent?

Tyvek or not, it’s still useful to have a ground cover as a back-up to staying dry, just like sealing seams on a new tent.

How about all those poor people without a shower! Forced to use a “tent” shower! Ohh the horror of it all!!!

Tyvek works great. If you wash it before using, it softens nicely.

Wenzel WZ9365013 Slick Rock Shower Tent

It’s bigger on the inside.

Oh… sort of like a TARDIS with it’s own weather system, is it??