Wenzel Tents

People shower while camping?

What the what?

People shower?

Why isn’t this under the sport! section???

not all people use tents as sport items……

The single looks like an copy of the ALPS mystique 1.0 - Its worth noting that, that tent is NOT self standing and needs to be staked down.

“46 square foot floor area, 7-foot x 7-foot”
It’s been a while since I took a math class, but I’m pretty sure 7x7≠46.

Btw, wrt the shower tent: Why they decided to hang the shower bag dead center in the tent is beyond me. Basically, plan on bringing a small chair or stool into this shower tent, because it’s best used sitting down to get below the hanging bag. Really, the bag hook ought to have been moved to one side, to accomodate a person in the middle. But whatever, you’re effin’ camping. The Trekker Fold-A-Privy Privacy Shelter sets up faster, but doesn’t hold a large full 5 gallon shower bag so you’d only be able to sponge bath in it. This will actually hold weight, bcs the fiberglass poles are more structurally sound, so showers are doable…sitting down. I bet they’d both work nicely with a Zodi Hotman shower.

Why can’t I find reference to the Wanderer anywhere else on the web? Is it new or old model?

When creating special deals for retailers, manufacturers will often use a new name for existing product. This could be one of those cases. You might look around for one that looks like this.

That’s the name we were given by the vendor.

Yeah… I might use this as my new home, so maybe it should be under the Home section! LOL

Oops. Someone fell in the mud. They probably don’t want to sleep covered in mud and get their sleeping bag filthy, so a shower isn’t so far-fetched.