Wenzel Ultralight Hydration Pack

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Wenzel Ultralight Hydration Pack
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Can you fill it with Beer? Mixed Drinks?

I had a Camelbak and I found out the hard way that they leak something fierce when you put carbonation in them.

I have a camelback I put mixed drinks in for street festivals. I would imagine this would work the same way, you just need to rinse it out well before using it for it’s intended purpose.

For the alcoholic on the go…

Comments from a pervious offer

I wish this came in a color besides orange.

Also, three products today? This is turning into a mini woot-off!

In today’s (12-10-14) headlines:

“Boater Rescued After 12 Days Missing at Sea Off Hawaii”

I’ll bet that poor bastard had wished he had a Wenzel Ultra Light Hydration Pack with him.

Can’t tell if typo, or sly reference to the questions about leaking…

Limit 5, folks!

Well, sure. You’ve just turned it into a pressure vessel. It’s the same reason that a shaken coke bottle sprays everywhere when you twist the top.

The beer was sarcasm! I’m well aware of the carbonation pressure.

Hey guys this is the 3rd woot today. Is this a woot-off? Or did things change? I thought that they just stopped selling stuff when they sold out. It has been a while for me.
I know its not a ‘Real’ woot-off, but three today?

Is anyone able to find any reviews for this?

Three is unusual, but we have been doing “cash grabs” for a while- throwing new stuff up after the old is gone as a shameless ploy to get more $$$$

Hey guys,I just need some reviews of this product. Does it work perfect? It is safe?

In case this comes up again, I bought one and the bladder has survived annual Boy Scout summer camp and multiple camping trips and hikes; longer than CamelBack brand items bought since then for others in the family. Storage pockets are useful enough. I keep a flashlight an a couple other things I might need if getting stuck out longer than expected. On longer hikes, I also wear a waist pouch to have a first aid kit and such available.