West Bend Stir Crazy Popcorn Maker

West Bend Stir Crazy Popcorn Maker

I bought this popper about a year or so ago. It’s great.

Very easy to clean up, unlike other models.
typically only a couple kernels don’t pop.

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You betcha. I use the Great Northern “Popcorn 4 Ounce Premium Popcorn Portion Packs” in mine. They work perfectly. Available at your nearest Amazon retailer. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000PDY3P0/

These reviews they show r not for this model… This is the correct review for this item…

[MOD: Our review link is correct. This is the one we’re selling.]

I’m pretty sure the Woot information is correct. The reviews shown by Woot are based on this ASIN and is correct for this product which is model 8231 (shown in the specs tab)

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My only issue so far is that oil tends to sneak through the center and coat under the plate. This model is much better than the last one I bought on woot though for sure.

Is oil necessary? If so, which type is best to use?

I’m glad the moderator clarified which version. I tried to look it up on Amazon myself and found the basic model for $29.99 and thought, “this is no deal at all”. But Woot has the “Deluxe” version which has the removable heating plate for cleaning and normally sells for about $50. (The Woot description does say it’s the Deluxe model and lists the removable heating plate, but without knowing what I was comparing to, I didn’t quite understand until I saw the difference in the two Amazon listings.)

I have an older Stir Crazy that I love, except that it’s a pain to clean. I saw this Deluxe model a while ago and thought about getting it for the removable plate. So at $27, I might just have to jump on this.

My only other wish is that West Bend still made the 8 quart version.

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Yes, it requires oil. It uses 2 or 3 tablespoons per batch. You can just use normal vegetable oil, or you can buy popcorn specific popping oil. Vegetable oil works fine, it’s probably what most people use. The popcorn specific oil gets a bit closer to movie theater popcorn taste.

How many of you out there actually like popcorn? I hold that most people who say they like popcorn actually just like salt. They usually don’t eat popcorn unless there is salt and/or salted butter on the popcorn. Am I wrong?

Yes, oil is necessary. It will be a huge burned mess without it. We use coconut oil or grapeseed oil. Much better for you than vegetable oil.


Our family has gone through four or five of these over the years. I don’t blame the device, we just use them far more than the typical family.

You’re not wrong, but have you tried sitting on the couch watching a movie eating handfuls of salt and butter? It’s very messy.




I am an enormous fan of popcorn - have been for decades. I discovered the Stir Crazy probably 40 years ago and have used nothing else since the first day. This is, in my opinion, the best popcorn popper in the world. And the fact that you can take apart the different levels makes it MUCH easier to clean. Personally, I use Orville Redenbacker popcorn and oil. I might buy a backup, since I have gone through probably half a dozen of these over the years. Nothing wrong with the durability, but I eat a lot of popcorn.


Do you like hamburgers? Or do you just like ketchup and mustard?

A standard topping enhances a food, it does not define it.


I lovelovelove popcorn, but this Southern boy is convinced people only eat grits for the butter and brown sugar.

Note there’s more to life than yellow and white popcorn:

I myself like the red and blue varieties. To me they have a more “toasty” flavor to them. Haven’t tried the purple yet.

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… or sitting on the couch with a laptop hitting F5 waiting for a BoC that never comes.

Could at least be eatin’ buttery salty popcorn 'cept you’d get salty grease on your KB.

The good news is that you don’t have to hit F5 anymore.

The forums usually load new deals before they’re visible by hitting F5 on the site, so if you’re watching the Woot Off deals category on the forums, you could see a B0C faster than hitting F5.

So you could just make popcorn and eat it while watching the forums, WITHOUT getting grease on your keyboard. :laughing: