Westbend 54159 Coffee Percolator

Westbend 54159 Coffee Percolator

I’ve been debating buying my son one of these for Christmas. Maybe it is time for the percolator…

old SKOOL burnt coffee maker. Gosh, Id almost buy one out of nostalgia. I would run it like a room air freshner. Wouldn’t drink it though… too much of a coffee snob I guess. My Grandma had a huge one like this. It made like 16 cups of coffee at a time I think. Probably had it since the 60’s. Those were made like tanks.

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Heh. I agree. A good electric kettle and a french press would be a better buy and more versatile.

my wife had us buy this crazy expensive coffee maker from the Netherlands that was ranked as THE BEST by america’s test kitchen…

It does taste better than the stuff from my drip coffee maker at work, but i can’t tell you why.

Likely culprits; cheap coffee or dirty machine. Or water filter that needs changing / doesn’t exist. If you wouldn’t drink the water by itself, it won’t make good coffee, either.

There’a a thing about the temp of the water and the time that it takes to move through the coffee grounds. Too little time or temp = weak. Too long or too hot = strong, bitter. Not to mention the ones that bake the coffee with a hot plate under the carafe.