Western Digital 250 GB Drive from October, Dead :(


Is this drive covered under a warranty at all? I got it and its not working anymore. It just beeps while its spinning now. It was working fine, I actually copied a bunch of stuff to it from my old laptop, as I was going to reformat and reinstall windows. Now I cant access the info. Glad I didnt go ahead and do the format yet.

I tried using WD’s RMA system online and it says the serial number is not valid! Please tell me I am not stuck with this drive now :(. I have had WD RMA a 5 year old drive that was out of warranty, yet the online system doesnt recognize this drive because its recertified?


Actually Iv’e found most of my dealings with WD to be ok. Don’t trust their website tho lol… Instead, contact them via phone, make sure to have the drive handy as they will ask for the serial number and all that good stuff. They should be able to resolve the issue for you


. Happy Wooting!