Western Digital 2TB ShareSpace Network Storage WDA4NC20000N

What kind of hard drives are included in this NAS?

We don’t have that information as the could vary the drives from unit to unit. They will have the drive that Western Digital thinks is best for the unit.

So I guess Woot dug these out of a forgotten warehouse somewhere? The newest Newegg review was I could find was from 2012. That and the line from the product description “Windows Vista ready” concerns me.


I wouldn’t rely upon these for my primary NAS storage device, however at this price I might consider using them to backup my current NAS offsite. My only concern is I have limited time to research it, but I found a review on NewEgg that stated it was limited to 1TB drives max, which would mean a 2TB RAID1 setup which isn’t enough. Can anyone confirm this?

The 8TB unit appears to have 4 drives in it, so appears like it can support at least 2TB drives.