Western Digital 3TB 64MB Cache SATA Internal HD

Western Digital 3TB 64MB Cache SATA Internal HD
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Nobody knows. Really! This is the best I could find:

Specifications-wise the 3TB AV-GP has modest specifications; it actually uses the older SATA II 3.0Gbp/s interface vs. the new SATA III 6.0Gbp/s interface on the 3TB Caviar Green (although it can’t saturate either one). Spindle RPM is not listed for the drive; it operates somewhere between 5400-7200RPM. The 3TB AV-GP has a four-platter design with 750GB/platter capacity.

Western Digital 3TB AV-GP Specifications (WD30EURS)
Capacity: 3TB
Platters: 4 (750GB x4)
Interface: SATA 3.0Gbp/s
Cache: 64MB
Rotational speed: 5400-7200RPM
MTBF: 1 million hours
Format: Advanced 4K sector

Per the specs, the vendor describes the RPM as “IntelliPower”

Some light googling yields a variety of answers regarding exactly what that means…

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WD30EURS should the old green disk, right?

How could it be the AV-GP compatible drive?

Green Power drives are traditionally 5400 RPM. They aren’t as fast as the comparable Hitachi Coolspins, or as reliable, but they are still fast and reliable as far as mainstream drives go. At least it isn’t a Seagate (who uses 5900RPM spindle speeds in their “Green” drives)

3TB drives have a tendency to fail at a higher rate than most other sizes. I have no idea why.


The old green drives were WD30EARS. WD30EURS is the model number for AV-GP drives. These AV-GP drives work well for Tivo Roamio upgrades as they have low power consumption suitable for the Roamio’s wimpy wall-wart power supply.

My WD 2TB drive for Time Machine backups just died. Would this be a reliable enough replacement?

I used to love WD, bought them & Seagate nearly exclusively for years. Something happened when they started coming out with the different colored models for different purposes (red = NAS, blue = general purpose, green = eco drive, etc.,), nearly every drive I bought would start throwing errors within days/months of the warranty expiring. Most were the blue variety; I have photos of my floor covered in dead WD drives (taking 4 dead blue drives to be recycled today).

This one doesn’t seem to be one of their colored = purpose drives, so maybe it’s got a better chance at a long life. Do your research on this specific model and try to always have redundant storage (or buy 2 and have the spare ready to swap immediately in a pinch).

I’ve had way too many WD drives fail on me over the past few years. My days of buying WD drives are over…

Yeah, I’ve had chunks of my photo library go missing due to corruption, and this WD Green I had as my most recent Time Machine stopped working. I just don’t know who to trust anymore… it’s like “yay, I have a backup!” and then I find out it’s been backing up corrupt files because the primary drive is bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

1 year warranty? Did WD drop their warranty from 3-year to 1-year, or is that special for Woot?

Based on this, looks special for Woot. Warranty on this model is supposed to be 3-year.

If I was data, I wouldn’t want to live on a WD green drive. I’d want to live on an Intel enterprise SSD with a PCIe interface.

I’ve got 4 Segate 3td NAS drives that have been on pretty much 24/7 since they were installed. 2 years now. But I do take snap shots to two external 8tb drives (also segate). Maybe it’s time I start shopping for some replacements. I wanted a new NAS box anyway LOL.

A limit of 3 is, I know, Woot’s standard. But that’s really frustrating when thinking about populating a -4 drive RAID-

I had 4 of 6 Seagate 1TB drives die within 9 months of purchase, 3 were in RAID and 4th was in a separate enclosure. I won’t buy another. (YMMV, of course.)