Western Digital 3TB 64MB Cache SATA Internal HD

Western Digital 3TB 64MB Cache SATA Internal HD
Price: $74.99
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Condition: New


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4/5/2017 - $74.99

Can I use this for a nas device?

its AV rated( DVR etc )
Link from mother ship https://www.amazon.com/AV-GP-3TB-Video-Hard-Drive/dp/B004W9BKE0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1493721899&sr=8-2&keywords=AV+GP+WD30EURS

note: this version has a **1 year **warranty where the retail version has a 3 year
maybe related to the ‘purple’ drives instead of the ‘red’ drives
purple are normally dvr or security camera drives
red drives are for NAS

Is there a top cover plate included? If not, will duct tape work to keep the dust out of the internals?

Condition: new is misleading seeing as they are NOT new drives.

Nah, you just install them upside down. Dust can’t fly up, it’s the first rule of wootaldynamics.

I’m a Amazon Prime member; where’s the free shipping?
You can buy these on eBay with no tax and free shipping:

Sorry Woot, since Amazon is kissing ass big time to Wall Street, you’re no longer the go-to you were in your previous life.

Sad but true. Are there any alternatives?

Good for Woot for allowing someone to buy 4 (instead of the usual limit of 3). That makes these much more attractive for fleshing out RAID arrays.

Just because it’s OEM packaging doesn’t mean they’re used. These are listed as “New.”

Woot is not Amazon even if it’s owned by them so Prime doesn’t mean anything here.

Yes, you can get them on eBay; used and with no warranty. Personally I’d rather have new, with a warranty, from a company I trust.

Nice try. Go buy it elsewhere to save $5.

Yeah, don’t buy a $5 coffee drink and pay the tiny bit of shipping.

Prove it.

They’re listed as new, and they come with a warranty from the manufacturer. What reasons do you have for claiming this item is not new?

Just last night (while looking up the WD drives elsewhere in computers.woot) I found this article, which does a great job of explaining all the different Western Digital drives. TLDR is that this is more meant for DVR-based security systems where dropped frames and pixelization is less of a problem, not for a home theater. Also, if you’re putting them in a multidrive NAS, vibration could be a long-term problem. But this is probably decent not only for security systems but for routine backups.

Are you talking about holder plate when you install it in your desktop?

No he was referring to the fact that the picture shows the internals of the drive. He was wondering if the drive would show up as pictured with the internals shown

What you are posting is not true nor is it accurate! I followed your link and that is for a 3TB drive that is “USED” for $70.00 — That is comparing apples to oranges and the WOOT deal is for a “NEW” drive not a used one, so I suggest that you include the truth about what you post to compare to the WOOT deal. It only takes common sense to know it is a better deal to get a NEW drive for $74.99 instead of getting a heavily USED drive for $70.00…