Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive


[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/Western_Digital_Caviar_250GB_Hard_Drive-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft] Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive - Monday, December 05, 2005
Item qty: 5000, Last Order: 9:52 AM CST, Wooter to blame: mjcw01
Order Pace: 0m 7.105s, Woot Wage: $25,329.63/hour.


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SERVICE UPDATE POST 12/15/05 11:15 CST “snapster service update post”

Gimme a Q, gimme a U, gimme an A-L-I-T-Y, quality posts, quality posts, rah rah rah:
[]p3, arcerman exclaims “A REFURBISHED hard drive is simply meaning the manufacturer REMANUFACTURED the product”
]p3, bogawoot explains EIDE
[]p4, Ron1 explores the “many categories” of refurbs
]p4, STL_Brandon exposes other non-refurb options for a cheap hard drive
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]p5, llamaoo7 extracts the pros and cons of this drive
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]p5, Cornelius extols the virtues of refurbs
[*]p6, Pow expands the discussion with more about the 2mb cache, RMA, rebates and more




Just what I wanted…OMG>>>gotta have it…




This is a win. Wooted for sure!

yay Wewt!


Here is what I’m looking for, just in time for Christmas !!!


generic message about todays woot… to read anything useful about this item best to go to the third page.

and i think i will get one, lots of room. how bad is refurb stuff?


where was this 3 weeks ago?!?!?!


Bought this last month for 70. Damnit!


just got it on black friday, still a great price!


great price… perhaps an xmas present for a dorky friend?


deja vu all over again. Tomorrow night woot we will meet again.


is this worth the 50bucks?

best price on pricewatch is $88 shipped: but that is for a NEW product
no thanks woot.

BTW: whatever happened to the REALLY w00tabulous deals like the $10 Splinter Cell Logitec Gaming mouse COMBO?!?! You guys even talk about your “Positive Net Income” SPREAD THE LOVE brotha!


No more hard drives, how about a whole computer!


nice woot gotta get it


Refurbished hard drive? Might as well buy used underwear. Yuck.


if it didnt have 2mb cache id be all over it


Nice woot, now post us a nice laser printer…


First page virgin no more!!!