Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive

Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive WD2500

The hard drives are back, the hard drives are back !!!

Here is the December 5, 2005 blog:

Here is the January 11, 2006 blog:

Get them quick before they sell out again.

That’s a good deal but I’m kind of sketched out about buying a refurbished hard drive

2mb cache? a little light huh? too little for me!

Meh. 2 of my 3 last time were bad within a week. The third one hasn’t even made it into my machine becuase I’m tired of changing drives out. I’m not crazy about this one.

I got lucky last time and got three working drives. I won’t risk it this time.

I got it the time before last…

watch the cache, otherwise it’s fine

bought one a while ago, still chugging along

I’ll take a new 300Gb Seagate HD for $119 instead.

i bought from the last woot… refurbished also…still working and running and sweating everyday

Now this is just one plum ugly woot.

IDE is dead. SATA is the way to go.
Refurbished computer components? Rather not.
2 mb cache? 'nuff said.

If it were a SATA drive with at least 8mb cache I’d go for it.

referb…hmm no thanks i need SATA…so i ll have to pass but decent deal otherwise…when are you going to start selling terrabytes?

I bought one of these last time and it is working fabulously =)

Just picked up a new 160 for $17 and a new 200 for $40.
No need to mess with refurbs at this price.

Refurbished cr@p, you can get 250GB SATA off of pricewatch.com for 65 bucks.
Anyways this HDD only has 2MB buffer, the one I am talking about as a 16MB buffer vs the usual 8MB

can you work this like a lil flash drive, like with a usb cord or something for moving around and storing long term stuff? or do you use it only for like building your own computer?

Well if it helps any i bought 2 last time. 1 worked, 1 had the click of death on arrival.

woot fixed me up good, however I still had a 50% failure rate. I dunno if refurbs are ok or not. We’ll see in a few years how these drives are doing.

Can someone please explain to me a refurb hard drive? do they have a ‘clean room’ where the disassemble them and check, clean, and replace wearing parts? or do they just pull them out of dvr/tivo boxes, format them and call them a refurb? no thanks on this one.

Mine is still going strong from the last time they had this up. However, since im only using 20gb of it so far, it doesnt look like ill be needing another any time soon. Thanks woot. Its a shame you couldnt send me my BOC since I placed my order ~2 mins after it was posted and then to be robbed of it.

I played the RMA game four times when I got one of these two rounds ago; I’m hoping to return the final drive. All of them seemed to be experiencing head crashes; every single disk made loud clicking noises and if I held it I could feel the drive jerking as the angular momentum of the drive platter changed. The clicking’s especially bad in the first few minutes after the drives spin up.
I don’t know if this is typical or not, but my roommate had the same experience.
Suffice to say I’ll wait out this round…