Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive

Holy crap! They’re like cockroaches!!

<grumble> seeing this up again makes those of us who already bought one feel… unspecial :slight_smile:

250GB… not bad… refurb… bad. so sad.

Awsome woot. Thanks I dont need anymore. All the xboxs got the drives from last time. these work perfectly in the xbox as upgrades.

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive WD2500

Here is a little history of Woot and the Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive:
1000 sold out in 15 hours, 45 minutes on 10/29/05.
5000 sold out in 9 hours, 52 minutes on 12/5/05.
5000 sold out in 7 hours, 54 minutes on 1/11/06.
4000 sold out in 6 hours, 14 minutes on 2/13/06.
400 sold out in about 8 minutes during the 2/16/06 woot-off.
2300 sold out in 3 hours, 13 minutes on 3/26/06.
1000 sold out in 17 minutes to start the 4/13/06 woot-off.
1500 sold out in 26 minute in the middle of the 4/13/06 woot-off.

2mb cache? WTF??? Welcome to 1998!

250gb is a good size, but too bad its a refurb (rox0rz!)(rox0rz!)(rox0rz!)(rox0rz!)(rox0rz!)

Great woot! I have three from previous woots and they’re great…

Refurb…for $50.

Could have gotten a new maxtor for the same price

Great Deal, good price. Have one.

Not tonight. Nite Nite Woot

Not that I’m tired of these or anything, but I wonder how many Caviars are sitting in the Woot warehouse…

Great drive for expanding your TIVO. If you have the guts…

woot, you’re not too popular lately. put up an LCD flat screen for way cheap and get the people back on your side. ANyways, some good links…
Shopzilla Link… $89 minimum

BizRate Link… $72 minimum

Nextag LInk…… this sites dumb.

BizRate’s Hard Drive Buying Guide… another attempt at a ‘cool’ link to compliment my ‘useful’ links. I think i might make this a regular thing, if you don’t mind.

Okay, I know that I’ve seen this on woot, what, three times already? And wasn’t it actually cheaper the last time it was sold. No thanks.

Unreal…these things screw more and reproduce faster than rabbits

Great deal have 5 of them working great not 1 problem … quiet!

If only my credit limit was higher i’d get 4 more!

Rip this deal up!!!

I wonder, this HDD would be fine for normal use(music and Win '98/2K gaming) and just not modern gaming(FEAR/Battlefield 2), n’est pas?

Mmm more hard drives - I’m pleased to say that these drives work well in an Xbox - i’ve got mine, had it for a year now, on basically 24/7 - its full of…um…“stuff” and works without a problem!

All told, I’ve bought 4 of these puppies from woot and not one of them works properly. There’s nothing like chkdsk saying, almost immediately, that it can’t do anything with a drive you’ve just formatted…