Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive



This things sucks…You really shouldn’t buy it. I bought one and it was garbage


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive WD2500

Long live the WOOT-OFF !!!


Western Digital? 2MB buffer? IDE? Oh Woot, you can do better than this.


refurb WD with no cables no nothing for $55? come on…


Bought a few of these here recently-Woot took back 2 and replaced them. Those 2 ran so hot that you could actually watch the paint blister and burn off them!! Don’t try to put this in an enclosure without a fan-or it will make toast-out of your data files!


a COMPLETE Listing of all woot-off items can be found HERE site might not load the first time due to heavy traffic, so just hit refresh and it should show up.


Same here!


I don’t need this :slight_smile:

I just got a new Maxtor 200GB drive for free by rebates and social engineering.

Add on the $30 for the USB enclosure, and I still paid less than getting a refurbished 250GB drive.


told you :slight_smile:


This drive is fine, bought one for my girlfriend months ago and am very excited to use it in my external case i bought earlier. it needs to be configured in control panel, performance and maintanence, administrative tools, computer management, storage, then disk management local. for windows XP set up a drive letter and format as ntfs and this will be one sweet purring drive.


Meh… I already have 2TB from previous woots.

As an aside, those of you who ordered these drives before, WD has a customer loyalty program that alows you to buy new drives at very low prices with free shipping & no tax.

Call 1-800-275-4932 option 4 for Loyalty services, then 1 for upgrade program.

How many can I order?

  • you need a unique S/N for every drive you want
  • you can order as many drives as you want (well within reason) on one phone call as long as you have unique S/Ns for each

Price of drive

  • includes shipping
  • there are no taxes
  • there is no duty. Majority of drives ship from within Canada
  • if charged duty WD will reimburse you
  • all amounts are in USD


  • via UPS Ground
  • billing and shipping addresses can be different
  • the drives are shipped from within Canada, however some have reported that their’s came from the US (if you get charged taxes WD will reimburse you)

What drives do they have?

  • They have over 30 different models available. the popular ones in this thread are the 400GB SATA, 320GB SATA, and the 36GB Raptor.

WD3200JD SATA 150 MB/s 7200rpm 320gig 8.9 ms 8 MB cache $89
WD2500JD SATA 150 MB/s 7200 250 8.9 ms 8 MB $65
WD3200JB EIDE 100 MB/s 7200 320 8.9 ms 8 MB $97
WD2500JB EIDE 100 MB/s 7200 250 8.9 ms 8 MB $65
WD4000KD SATA 150 MB/s 7200 400 8.9 ms 16 MB $143
WD2500SB EIDE 100 MB/s 7200 250 8.9 ms 8 MB $77
WD360GD SATA 1.5 Gb/s 10,000 36 4.5 ms 8 MB $82

New drive comes with warranty (3 yrs/5 yrs for Raptor’s)

How much are they?

  • See above
  • For other drives simply call them or email them and they will tell you if its available and how much they are.


  • you need a S/N from a WD drive
  • you do not need to send in the old drive
  • any warrenty on the old drive will be invalidated
  • drives w/o any warrenty are valid
  • To get the s/n off of a drive in your machine you can use WD’s Datalifeguard tools:

When will it end?

  • No set date. It’s not a sale but an ongoing customer loyalty program. WD can terminate it at any time, however its been in operation for quite a while now.


You don’t need cables. You just stick it in one of the enclosures you (shoud have) just bought, and use the USB or FireWire cable that is included with that to hook it up to your computer.


Got me one, took a bit to process though.


Got this for backup. I have a big case with lots of fans, hopefully heat won’t be an issue.


No problems here with these. Do you guys have crappy fans in your computers or something?

I would just use this for storage though, the 2mb cache and the IDE interface doesn’t cut it these days.


I’ll probly just pop it in the ole Xbox. I heard these work pretty well in em, right?


Worked great for me when I bought it several months ago. Makes a great modded Xbox drive since that’s what I used it for.


Western Digital is a good brand, so I’m not too worried. This is awsome though, cause I’ve been looking for a cheap hd lately.


anyone know what size enclosure is needed for this. they make a 2.5, 3.5, and 5.5 which one is right?