Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive


FWIW, only 1 out of 3 worked the last time I bought some of these here.


this is a great HD…i got one.


BizRate has it

MSN Shopping has it

Shopzilla has it

… good prices… get it… p.s. froogle is crap now… i said it in the other woot and i’ll say it again… never liked their comparisons… they don’t even compact products anymore… weak…


I haven’t had one of these drives (out of 6) that lasted more than two days. Bummer!


Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive
$49.99+ $5 shipping

1 Western Digital Caviar 250GB Hard Drive WD2500


yeah yeah, a refurb hard drive is JUST what I want to store those mp3’s and photos - I just KNOW that it’s high quality and won’t crash!


Bought a couple of these previously-they run very hot-if you put them in an enclosure without a fan, the paint actually blisters and burns off! Otherwise, if well cooled, they work fine.


Oh no, not the woot-signature 250gb wd hard drives!!!


I’ve gotten 3 so far and all have worked… no wait, had to return 1 but woot took care of it no prob.


Shitty drive for internal use, awesome one for external. Perhaps somewhere down the wootoff line the usb/firewire cases will pop up again. 250gig external USB/Firewire drive for less than $100, damn good deal (80gig ones are often more than $100)


The one I got last time is doing well as a upgrade to a HD/dvd recorder I got at Walmart :slight_smile: Worked fine outa the box and still going many months later.


just bought a 250 GB SATA Hard drive for $70, GREAT BUY! Rather that than this refurbished JUNK!


bah, if this was SATA, id get it, IDE though, lame


holy woot off!! so much for sleep




i missed the speakers, please put up a bag of chips!


Just great, my first woot-off and I have 8 hour straight training session tomorrow!


Larry can you believe it? It’s finally WOOT OFF Time!!! Yayyyyy.
(The Italian)


I got two of these a few months back to back up my audio server and they work great.
2 MB buffer is fine for server apps (and probably most others).