Western Digital Networking

Tried to setup the N600 as a four port switch. It didn’t like it much and tried taking down the rest of my network. Gave up and tossed a regular 4 port in.

My mother-in-law uses a N600. It has to be reset occasionally, but works ok.

Not a big fan of these myself, but they are cheap and do the job.

I bought a n750 last time. The original firmware always need to reset. After I flashed in a gargoyle firmware, it worked perfectly until now.

Just a word of warning for those considering the AC bridge. I purchased one of these a few weeks ago, and when it arrived, it would not connect to my ac router. After 3 hours on the phone with their support tech, he finally agreed that it appeared to be defective. Then I was told the warranty had expired. Even though it was a new product, their records indicated the warranty expired more than a year ago. He instructed me on what to submit to have them consider reactivating the warranty which included pics of the packing slip and serial number from the box.

I thought there would be no problem and was very surprised to hear that the product according to their records is recertified and there is no warranty with it thru WD. Lucky for me, I was able to return the defective item to Woot, but be aware that WD may not stand behind their warranty on these products.


I cannot get it to connect to my CISCO router by any means! Gotta send it back to WOOT!

I also had a problem with the WD AC bridge. I had woot replace it after talking to WD support, woot was great about it, but the second unit does the same thing, just refuses to see any networks through the setup software or by WPS method. There are at least 15 wireless networks in neighborhood running AC or N, so I don’t think it’s a compatibility issue, just a goofy product as far as I can tell.

There is potential here for open source satisfaction!

I too had a non-functioning unit. After spending over an hour on the phone with WD support trying resets, WPS configuration and manual configuration multiple times, they pronounced it DOA. WD did tell me that it originally left the factory 10/2013, it was “out of warranty” and they would need “paperwork” to get it back into warranty. I contacted WOOT and it’s on the way back for refund.