Western Digital Storage

I have several of the WD MyBook storage devices and have not had any issues with any of them. The newer software monitors and alerts you if it is at risk of failure. I can’t say that it works or doesn’t though as even my oldest My Book is still working great 7-8 years later. I would definitely buy another without hesitation.

Can anyone please share their experience with WD My Cloud Hard Drive.

I am kinda on the edge with these cloud drives. I already own an iomega cloud drive and it was a total waste of money. I didn’t like the software it came with, not user friendly at all. It is horribly slow to transfer data, forget about if you even want to backup the computer or create an image. It also has that tablet/iphone app to backup photos, but its really slow to load the pictures even when you are on the wireless network. I can list so much more that is wrong with that drive but I won’t bore you with those details. So its just sitting and collecting dust now. I prefer manually backing up my data on a normal hard drive without the cloud feature.

Quite a few not so super reviews on NewEgg. Perhaps the source of the current refurbs?


The Newegg reviews are discouraging. I was tempted to get this since my other backup storage devices failed.

What about using something online for backup storage? Any suggestions?

There are many cloud storage sites similar to DropBox and they usually have upto 5GB storage free. The pricing varies from $0 to upwards of $150, for different websites that offer 100GB plan. I am not so sure about the reliability of the website that offers free 100GB space.

Here is a short list of sites with 100 GB plan. You can google rest of them.
https://www.dropbox.com/pricing$9.9 per month
https://www.box.com/pricing/$5 per month
https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/plans/ Microsoft $4.17 per month
https://spideroak.com/personal_pricing/$10 per month

I have the 3TB version and bought it new from BB for about $150. I have had it for about 1 year and don’t have much to complain about it. It was slow to transfer at first, but I am racking that up to transferring a boatload of data at one time (all my photos) in multiple transfers.

I am only using it on a MacBook Pro, so can’t give you feedback on a windows system, but I don’t even use the software that came with it. It automatically created itself as a network drive and I just access it like I could a typical local drive.

Overall I am happy with it.

Thanks for your input. I have one more question. How easy is it to backup all the photos/videos from your iphone/ipad over wifi network? I probably have over 25 GB of photos/videos to backup from my phone.

This will make it or break it for me. Like every household with kids, parents phones are full of pictures and we are looking for easier way to back them up over the cloud and I really don’t feel like paying $10/month for a cloud service.

Does anyone know what level of drive is actually contained in the USB3.0 enclosure? They only provide transfer rates for the USB connection itself, which is pretty useless. I assume it’s a Green disc that’s in there to keep power consumption, heat, and price down. I have a 3.0 enclosure that I put a WD Blue drive in and, while fast, it wasn’t all that fast. A physical disc certainly isn’t going to reach the theoretical max of USB 3.0 in any case, but I am curious.

ETA: It’s Green.

I have always stood behind Samsung and Western Digital HDDs and SSDs, they have a very low failure rate and I have lost track of how many times I have had to replace Seagates and Hitachis for people. I bought the 3TB WD version and have not had a single problem with the transfer rates on USB 3.0 at all. The drive itself is very quiet and the included encryption software and drivers were perfect for what I needed. I had seen some pretty rotten reviews on Newegg as well, but took a gamble on ordering from B&H for $110 and I am satisfied.

I am considering one. How would you rate the noise? The drive would be in the home office with me and I would want something quiet. I have an enclosure now and the fan is extremely loud.

I have a 2TB mybook - it is not loud at all, I don’t hear it running - at least not over the 6 fans in my computer case.

To add to Skullopener’s list: I’ve been using Backblaze http://www.backblaze.com/ for online backups for several years. $5 a month unlimited storage. I’ve got over 2TB on their systems.

If you’re using the MyBook device, these do not contain any fans and run completely silent other than your typical HDD noise when spinning up. I have the 3TB and 4TB version and neither contain fans and are just vented through holes in the housing. The 3TB I have is about four years old and isn’t as fast as it used to be and has the occasional issue with playing videos that are run at more than 10Mbps. The 4TB is about a year old and still runs as if it’s new. Neither have given me any issues that would cause a negative review.

Don’t forget Google Drive:
https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2375123?hl=en&ref_topic=2375005 15GB Free, 100GB $1.99/mo, 1TB $9.99/mo

I would suggest that any failure of a WD external device would be at the fault of the USB controller and not the drive itself.

I’ve had 3 WD external drives, and only one is still in its original “container” however, all three drives continue to work flawlessly. I just pulled the drives from the enclosure and either put the drive INTO my computer OR bought a different enclosure (15-20 bucks) and they both work fine. In fact, I’ve got another enclosure all ready for when the 3rd one finally dies, I can just pop it open and place it into its new home.

They have the My Book at Best Buy for $89.99 with free shipping http://m.bestbuy.com/m/e/product/detail.jsp?skuId=1765023&pid=1219063234251&ev=product+view

So, brand new for only $5 more than here (once you add $5 Woot shipping).

I use www.crashplan.com. $60 / year, unlimited data. Backups depend on your internet speed, so the initial backup will take forever, but subsequent updates are incremental and automatic, so you don’t even notice them.
I also use an old WD usb as an “on-site” target for the Crashplan software. It works really well.

www.flickr.com has a free 1TB limit for each account, then use private folders

This is a very good suggestion for anyone with a lot of photos

Note, however, AFAIK they are not bit-for-bit copies, even at the “original” size. They’re compressed somewhat… not even close to being a problem for most of us, but if you need the highest quality original file, please save a copy somewhere else safe as well.

But as a last resort backup for my point-&-shoot snapshots, it’s great.