Western Digital Storage

Used HDDs, no ****ing way.


New HDDs, unless I KNOW which model drive is in the case, see my first statement.

Back story.

About 1.5 years ago, my house burned (well, my slumlords house) to the ground. I lost everything, that wasn’t made out of cast iron, and a few things that were. (Including a 12 inch Lodge skillet with a ! on the bottom. Could be a “i” if you hold it upside down.)

In my rebuilding process, I ordered a nice-looking WD external drive. It was a 1 TB drive. It lasted about 11.75 months, and then died. I pulled it open, (invalidating the warranty) to see if it was the drive, or the USB adapter hardware, and could possibly save the info on the drive. It was the drive.

It was also a “green” drive, and had a 1 year warranty on it. Until I opened the case, I had NO IDEA what kind of drive it was. WD is reluctant to tell you, too.

Since then, I’ve installed a WD RED 4 TB drive in that case, and it has worked flawlessly. I’ve also got a WD 2 TB drive as a secondary drive, hard-wired into this computer, along with a few more drives. I’ve also got 2 “green” drives, running as backup drives, and they are powered on as needed. (and, both of them have exceeded their warranties.)

Cut to the chase, make SURE you know exactly WHAT drive is in that external case.