Western Digital Storage

Newegg has an informative video and some interesting reviews:

Wondering if this My Book would be good to connect to the USB on my wireless router for storage? It seems like it might function like a poor man’s NAS?

Friends, can the drive in the MyBook be swapped out, in the event I want something larger than 2T in the future? I know that the MyCloud has a panel you can slide out to replace the drives.

Edit: The Western Digital support site has instructions on replacing the drives for several of the My Book models, so it appears it’s possible. The support site says that only WD Green hard drive should be used, however.

You should be able to connect it to your router no problem, but you would need to buy a NAS adapter. Amazon carries them for b/n $40-$60.

or you could just plug into the USB port if your router has one…I’ve got one of these 2 TBs hanging off my R7000. It works fine.

I see this and think hm… could I hook up the USB to my WiiU to use as storage for that and also access the device wirelessly from my tablet? Do I need a router for this to work?

Somebody please make these WD routers go away. They are so unstable and WD stopped updating the firmware.

I have one collecting dust, hoping that WD provides an update or it finally gets supported by DD-WRT.

Great idea, lousy execution.

Seriously - Refurbished Hard Drives - does no one else see an issue?

They’re probably WD Green’s inside as well - they only reason they’re Green is they’re recyclable for as often as they FAIL. Okay, maybe they aren’t recyclable, but they have renowned failure properties that cause them to die every few months - it’s planned obsolescence.

Woot, please stop offering such poor quality. Y’all used to be amazaballs; as of late - not so much…

Um… so mine came in, can hear parts rattling around inside the case… not good. Haven’t plugged it up or anything… will see about exchanging it for a non rattling version.