Western Digital TV Media Player - WDBYMN0000NBK

I found this device to have problems with memory leaks while using the Netflix app. The Hulu app worked well. It doesn’t support Amazon Video nor will it support Kodi or Plex. The only feature I found somewhat useful was the ability to plugin a USB drive and play a MP4 from it.

I have 4 of these. One is hard wired to my router and a 2 TB USB drive containing my movies, music and photos. The other 3 are connected via WiFi. I can stream anyhing to any of the boxes, creating a
home entertainment server. I don’t use them to stream 3rd party content except for YouTube.

Note these tiny boxes run HOT and can be buggy. Every couple weeks one of them locks up and needs to be unplugged and plugged back in to reset. But, I haven’t found any content/file type that they won’t play.

I think these are quietly geared towards those with a large bittorrent collection, not that I know anything about that😎

Is there a remote in the box?

I don’t see any info about it being included in the sale, so no. Sorry!

There is a remote app that you can get for your smartphone.