Western Digital WD TV Media Player

These are listed as having Netflix. I bought one Just for the purpose of using Netflix, they are refurbished in great condition while secretly needing the , They DO NOT have Netflix.
Greatly disappointed.

Hmmmm. The description says

"You don’t need another player for Netflix. You need a player for your personal stuff.

Most everyone has a device for playing Netflix. What these players don’t have is the ability to play your personal content in virtually any format."

Reading further it sounds to me like this device is not for Netflix at all, but for movies and digital content that you have downloaded or purchased.

Description says: “Play videos, music, and photos stored on USB and network storage devices, such as a My Passport® Ultra™, My Cloud™, and any computer on your network.”

Still, I’m really sorry that this wasn’t what you expected. Perhaps you can access your Netflix account through the internet on this device?

Do other Wooters have any ideas about how to make this work?

I agree this plays many more formats. The one thing that set the old one I had with Netflix apart is that while fast-forwarding, you can see the movie smoothly going by fast (comparable to a VCR). Whereas all the other Netflix compatible devices I own (Sony Bluray, Fire-stik, Roku) skip forward. My wife and I took the old WD box paired with a thumb drive of movies with us on cruises for at sea days. very convenient. Internetflix doesn’t work either. The roku I bought to replace it plays some formats video but no sound and others with sound.