Western Digital

Don’t waste your bucks pictures show it in the box but it comes not as shown. No information had to search the internet for instructions. If it fails stuck with another piece of garbage. You can find it new for close to the price.

~works great,mite even get other one :slight_smile:

I really wanted to buy the router, but the reviews online are not very good. I wonder if the performance issues can be resolved with a firmware update?

For the 1TB Central HD: “As part of setting up this sale and hitting an aggressive price point, the warranty on this sale has been reduced to 6 months vs. WDs typical 12 month warranty period for this product”

I read this as: ‘We know it’s going to break and we’ll have to factory recondition it and resell with a shorter warranty, so let’s skip right to the end result and save some handling and reconditioning.’

Maybe the hour glasses in the photo are an omen - turn it over and when the sand runs out so does the warranty.

Warranties do have value, but if a company is so worried about it breaking within the first year, that should tell you something.