Westinghouse 2200W Digital Inverter Generator

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Westinghouse 2200W Digital Inverter Generator
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Great Reviews over at Home Depot

Mothership $71 savings over Amazon.com

I’ve actually been eyeing this one for a while, so I can have a quiet generator to take camping, now that I have an electric motor for my “boat” (it’s inflatable). I’ve heard good and bad things about this Westinghouse. I’d find out if there is an authorized repair shop in your area before you buy, several forum people complained about failed unit and no service, but other said they called the 800 number in the owners manual and had zero issues with getting parts or service.

I was also looking at the Smarter Tools inverter generator at costco for 599.99, it has the Yamaha engine in it. to be fair I’ve hear the same complaints about this as I did the Westinghouse, but having the Yamaha engine, I think it would be easier to get fix since the Yamaha is the go-to inverter generators on the market. well, really people seem to gravitate towards the Honda, but both seem equal from a “I’m not fixated on one brand because I have a history with them” perspective.

I guess you have to decide, do you want this Westinghouse for $500 or will you pay $600 for the Smarter Tools 2000iQ unit with the MZ80 engine, the exact same engine as the $1000 Yamaha EF2000iS. Which is actually on the mothership for the same price as costco only (if you’re Prime) you save on shipping!

" I’d find out if there is an authorized repair shop in your area before you buy, several forum people complained about failed unit and no service, but other said they called the 800 number in the owners manual and had zero issues with getting parts or service."

The question is if this is simply a former brand-name slapped on a Chinese no-name import and if whoever is currently using the “Westinghouse” name is committed to long term support.

Often, these name-slappers are in it for the short run and have no way to repair items and make it hard to get a replacement unit under warranty.

Hopefully, I’m wrong…but experience with former big names that have been sold and slapped on has not been good.

More specs on the manufacturer site.


I have a bunch Westinghouse Generators at work, They run great for their age and output (~50 years old and 127/141mw)

We bought a larger Westinghouse generator (6500) from Amazon and had issues with it, but they directed us to a local shop (35 min away) and it was fixed free of charge. It is a “name” slapped on a cheaper motor, but they seem to want to keep their customers happy.

I have the earlier model, the WH2000i and am using it at this very moment… power went out to my neighborhood 20 minutes ago. Anyway, mine will easily power an 1800W load all day long and a 2200W load for around 15 seconds. I used various electric heaters to test it and have a meter to measure the loads. It’ll even start electric motors that I thought would trip such a small generator. I wanted to make sure it was up to the task while still under Home Depot’s 30 day return policy. Anyway, I have no complaints.

Ever have one of those days when you need something you have NEVER needed and woot has next day!!! OK I have a dry dock at a marina…we will be 5-6 feet too high to turn on electric for next few weeks so they have to cut power therefore I can not raise the boat. Never thought about getting one of these, but I have to use a small generator to blow air to raise boat. Great timing if it can handle the wattage.

Case closed. Note the big blank space just waiting for any, ANY brand name.

Good to know!

I guess, who cares, is how I feel, if there is a warranty and customer service. This is also why I say get the smarter tool Yamaha clone, its on amazon and at Costco for $600 and you can save money and not worry. Or spend twice the money for a brand name.

There’s the new Kohler generator as well, I think it’s made by Cummins or Honeywell.

KOHLER PRO2.0IS - Has a 3 year warranty and they’ll also give a free loaner for any repair over 24 hours. It’s more money but probably a nicer machine.

Brochure here:

So bummed I missed this deal! Today’s the first time I’ve heard of Woot. Day late and a dollar… :frowning:
I’m obsessed with finding a decent 2000W inverter geni and it’s so hard to weed thru all the options. this thread was enlightening, thanks everyone! If you have any other suggestions I’d love to see them!