Westinghouse 2200W Digital Inverter Generator

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Westinghouse 2200W Digital Inverter Generator
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Can this run the refrigerator if the power goes out?

Depends on how many watts your refrigerator requires. Someplace on your refrigerator (on the back or on one of the door edges) will be a sticker that says how many watts it requires. Mine takes more than 2,200 watts so this unit will not power it and will probably trip the breaker when the refrigerator starts up. But not all take more than 2,200 watts Check yours before ordering it if you want to power your refrigerator. I did buy a 3,300 unit to power mine but it is much larger and more bulky than this. :frowning:

Yes typical 20 cu tf fridge/freezer is between 450 and 700 watts. You could run the fridge and LCD TV so you can stuff your face and watch a movie during power outage with no problems.

Correct. I have the Harbor freight 2500watt unit. It runs two of my 3 fridges with no problems. 3rd one gives it a run for it’s money. My air compressor brings it to it’s knees all by itself.

Not sure if it’s just me though but my unit takes some pulls to get it started. Last attempt was around 20. I’m learning if I slowing pull rope about 4 or 5 times, it starts faster. Last time I ran it, had to pull the plug, spray some starter fluid in it and VAROOOM. It started right up. Checked plug gap. Can see fuel in the filter so it’s not starving for gas. But if you do get one, don’t forget to run these things every couple months or so (UNDER LOAD). I keep mine in the basement (no, don’t run it there… duh) just in case mother nature decides to take anything above ground level and my 8kw genset in the garage.

HD has these on sale for $399 not too long ago. These can NOT be returned if you get a lemon.

Since 1998, Westinghouse became a licensing company, selling the usage of its name to various companies by product type. You will never know who manufacture/market this generator.

Remember that gas can go “dead”…sort of a good idea to drain items (snowblower/lawnmower) after the season is over.