Westinghouse 37” 1080p HDTV Ready LCD Monitor

Those links take you to the netgear price pages…

I’ve had the non “SE” version of this monitor for 2 years. It’s amazing for the prize. No complaints here.

oh now that is just not true

Bought this from buy.com a while back. It’s basically a TV rebranded as a monitor. You’ll need a deeeeep desk for this one.


The site would just look green suck on a far bigger scale…



pls dont post above a quoted post. Thanks.

The bar just moved an inch to the right… yes you heard me right- it moved to the right.

Looks like they only have about 4-8 of these things, and someone just got their credit card denied… haha.

I like the roses.

Westinghouse blows. I have on sitting in my basement that lasted about 8 months.

shipping kills the deal

at least it’s not a retinker!!

Perfect for hooking up to a computer at trade shows, or if you want to play computer games on a huge display. Other than that… pretty useless without a tuner…

…at least it has more than a 90-day warranty.

So you’re already in a deficit cuz the price is only $549… awww

Come on you can buy it!

Folks in Florida and Ohio jumping on it!

Congrats! If you bought this today, you got a years worth of flowers delivered to you as well!

if I had the money for this I still wouldnt buy it - time to take a shower and go to work - ugh - work, what a crappy way to start your day

I’ve had this same tv for 2 1/2 years, and it’s worked great!! I’ve had no problems with it.

$5 shipping kills the deal? I hope that’s tongue-in-cheek…