Westinghouse 42 inch 1080p HD Ready LCD TV



Good Woot…Good Night

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Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $1,197.00

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $1,219.95

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 4/5 Stars

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Another day, another deal. =)

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Woot loves Westinghouse
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I’m only a few Woots away from being better than everyone and this item is pretty cool from what I’m hearing. So expensive though…


Westinghouse 42" 1080p HD Ready LCD TV
$1,049.99+ $5 shipping

1 Westinghouse LVM-42W2 42" 1080p HD Ready LCD TV


useful linkage bloggeration and whatnot… btw… what movie is that? or show… or whatever.


is that a squid?


what in the heck is on that tv?

calimari anyone?


WOW BIG Refurb


The Calamari Wrestler = awesome


What is the picture on the screen from?


Not a bad looking tv, even if refurb. Just wish I had the money to get one as I’m seriously craving some HD.


too rich for my blood, but nice pic on the display!


I noticed that the word ‘sleek’ was missing from the description. It is usually a Woot favorite. Is this item not sleek?


refurb…any thoughts on this one?


This looks cool… Too bad it is a refurb. This is the price that the 37" usually goes for…


what is that a picture of?


Too much… I can get a VIZIO for cheaper.


No tuner = NOT A TV


NO HD tuner? that is just a sad sad waste.


seems like a good price, but not quite amazing. Too bad I already got a new hdtv. Others should check it out and read the reviews at avs forums or something first though.