Westinghouse 46” LCD HDTV

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New Westinghouse 46" LCD HDTV, for $799.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Westinghouse 46" LTV-46w1 LCD 720p HDTV

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In for 3

83/100 on AlaTest…

Anything sub-1080p tends to be looked down on now. Even 1080p is starting to look mainstream.

120hz is where it’s at, mostly because it renders 24p footage properly (5 refreshes per frame as opposed to 2.5 with 60hz)

However, $800 is pretty awesome, so who knows. If 720p is your cake, go for it.

Student Bodies on the television!!!

Classic… lol

hrm, good price…i just paid 250 for a refurb 20" wtf

Costco has had a 42" westinghouse 1080P for $699…

How much do the lamps for these run? Would that be covered by that there warranty?

Heh, my friends just bought the same exact TV for the same price at Best Buy, only theirs was the floor model… And they thought they were so cool…

More remnants of the Sell-off a few weeks back.

Its a decent TV if you’re ok with 720p. The size is great for the price.

I just got a Samsung(better brand) 50" (bigger is better) 1080p (once again better) plasma (ehh) from circuit city for $1,200. It was last years model but the difference in this years model and last years is… this years has a strip of red at the bottom (the new touch-of-color series).

I am glad this deal came out AFTER I bought my tv or this would probably be on my wall in a week or two.

1080i isn’t better than 720p slick

Westinghouse has actually gotten good reviews for their LCD sets. Don’t know about this model, but it sure blows the $995.00 price tag at Costco for their Vizio 42" models. This very well may be a legit great deal.

I don’t know enough except my daughter bought a Samsung 32 or 37 inch. Her’s had 2 HDMI and she would have preferred 3. This only has 1? Is that an issue?

Buy.com has the 37" 1080P Westy for $600, way better deal (has no tuner though)


Uh… if you’re worried about 1080p on a 26" TV, you better be sitting like a half a foot away from it.

My TV is about ten to twelve feet from the couch in here, a 46" 720p TV should look just the same as a 1080p one would. And if I hadn’t just bought a 42", I’d be all over this.

Heh, what a coincidence - this is the TV I have in my living room. I picked mine up on clearance at Sam’s Club for ~650 in December. Overall it’s a decent set, able to pick up OTA HD channels after the typical 20 minute scan. Picture quality is good, size is adequate. Viewing angles are very good. This model is getting a little long in the tooth for an LCD, so expect minor ghosting, but nothing that prevents me from playing Xbox and enjoying it. It only has 1 HDMI port, so expect to hook up via component if you have multiple HD sources.

Main gripes:
-Built in menu system is slowwwww. Changing settings is sometimes annoying due to lag between pressing button and response on TV. Also occurs when changing inputs.
-Built in speakers could be louder - but what can you do? Pick up a cheap surround-sound system if it bothers you. Loud enough majority of the time, it’s only noticeable when there is a good amount of background noise I’m trying to drown out.
-TV occasionally freezes when hooked up to regular cable. Problem has gone away since getting a DVR from my cable company, and I don’t know if this is a problem with my set specifically or this model in general. When it would freeze, it would have to be unplugged and replugged to get the TV to work normally again.
-720p - meh. From my couch watching TV, I don’t notice the difference. I tend to sit closer to the set while playing games, though, and can tell that its not 1080P then. But for the price I paid, I’m not really complaining…

Overall, I have been satisfied. Westinghouse isn’t really a money brand, but I have this set and two 24" PC LCDs made by them, and none have had real problems.

At the time of this post the only people wooting are Texans, poor souls, because they are all awake watching the Weather Channel. Just an interesting insight into how things affect what we do as consumers.

Bought this exact same tv from buy.com 3 weeks ago for 899. Decent picture in normal broadcast, looks surprisingly well in HD channels. Great size for the money, literally no light reflection. The contrast ratio is relatively low however, and you can notice somewhat viewing darker images. But overall I’m happy with it thus far, for 799 you wont find a bigger tv with this decent of a picture.

Barking Old Cronies!!

Nice Price - but consider Costco has a 46" 1080P for $100 more (and it has a 2 year warranty backed by Costco)…I actually bought the 42" 1080P for $799 which included shipping at the time…wait until the holidays and a 46" 1080P will be $699 - guess I’ll wait for the 100" 1080P when it comes on woot next year for $2,499.99 :slight_smile: