Westinghouse 84" 4K Ultra-HD Interactive Whiteboard


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Now I know what to get the kids for stocking stuffers.

The description on the Features Tab says, “Westinghouse Digital WB70F1D1 70” HDTV Interactive White Board".
So, which is it…70" OR 84"?? If the model number of the item being sold is actually WB70F1D1, I would guess that it is a 70" screen. There is obviously a HUGE difference between the 2 sizes.

It’s fixed. We’re selling the 84".

What are the devices we can connect to and have the multitouch function work properly?
Much appreciated for the answer in advance!

Copy/Paste fail!


Does it make sense to buy this product as a television used exclusively for viewing television and movies? Or is this product really only meant to be used as an educational/office product?

I want this for my home but I cannot find any reviews and woots return policy doesn’t really support risk taking. If someone with woot support can provide me some reassurance I would get it right now.

Anyone know what type of back lighting it uses?

FYI 4K2K @ 30hz via HDMI
1080P @ 60hz

30hz @ 4k is pretty disappointing. Guess no HDMI 2.0 on it.

Any one have any idea if this includes the PC that runs in it? I have emailed Woot with no response. The other companies that sell this model state PC included.