Westinghouse 84" 4K Ultra-HD Interactive Whiteboard

Want to be an amateur weatherman at home? Sure you do! =O

How small can a man’s penis be so that he would need an 84" TV to compensate. Just buy a used Corvette and call it a day

Actually this seems pretty cool for a commercial setting. It has touch annotations, and (optional and doesn’t appear included) built in PC. Check out the video CE Week 2013 Day 2: Westinghouse 84" 4K Interactive Whiteboard, 4K TV, Roku Integration - YouTube

I’m going to go with “bigger than your brain” since you don’t understand the intended purpose of this display


Although I do have both a bigass 4K screen and an older Corvette. :slight_smile:

You got a problem with technology, or big screens, or Corvettes for that matter? What’s your problem? This looks pretty awesome to me, and at an outstanding price.

Not to mention at 3600 you’ll either end up with a project corvette or some pos late 80s-early 90s vette. Which were ugly as hell. Back on topic, would be nice to have but I don’t have a spare 3600 laying around lol