Westinghouse 84" 4K Ultra-HD Interactive Whiteboard

84" HD 4K - cheapest out there by thousands. Can I use this as a TV with a cable box?

Is the control module needed to use the white board functionality?

Vendor has some answers for you:

There isn’t an antenna input but there are multiple A/V connections including HDMI which would allow you to connect an Apple TV, Chromecast or a cable box if it had an HDMI output.

The PC module is a nice addition that mounts to the back of the display but the software disc is included with the display and that software can be used on any Windows 8/10 PC.

I was thinking about this because all I need is the monitor, I have the tuners and mediacenter built into my PC. The only thing holding me back is how good is the actual image is compared to an actual 4K TV. If this was designed to be a whiteboard, I can’t imagine that the picture would be a tweaked as like a real TV set. Would the contrast ratio and the color balance be as good? I’ve been looking for reviews where someone has used it as their TV monitor and have yet to find any.

What mobile stand can I buy for this 84 inch? I can’t do a wall installation and it weighs too much for most mobile stands (260lbs) per specs.

I need a stand installation just like the CES YouTube videos, otherwise it’s not doable.

Let me know.


Westinghouse IWB‑ST01


Thanks gak0090!

No problem- good luck.