Westinghouse Flameless LED Candles 4pk

These make a great baby shower gift if you have anyone who wants to have a natural childbirth. They don’t allow real flames in the hospitals, but these set the mood nicely!!!

These make an awesome gift for anything really AND they are perfect for weddings as many venues do not allow real flames. I wish they had these type when I got married.

I ordered these last time they were around & I think (will have to check budget) I will be ordering more this time. EVERYONE comments on how pretty they are & I love the timer feature.

The scent is super soft & barely noticeable, but mine are in a very open area, not sure if you’d smell them more in a more enclosed & smaller space.

What I love most is that I can safely have candles since I have very active & very young kids in the house. :slight_smile: I have really missed having candles lit in the evening as I always used to pre-kids & haven’t been able to in many years until now.

The battery life seems good too. I got them in July & have used them ever since & no need to replace any so far.

(And I LOVE the idea of using them for labor)

Hi, is the scent optional? I mean is there some kind of cartridges that produce the scent. I don’t want any artificial chemical scent and really want to order these.


Over the past two months I have bought 6 sets of these. They are my favorite woot purchase to date.

What I love about them: there is a timer that shuts off after several hours and then comes back on the same time the next night, they are natural looking, they flicker, they smell like vanilla…

They are great for: childrens bed rooms, bathrooms, a little r&r with the spouse, closets, hallways, pretty much everywhere. I have 6 of them in my kitchen and I never have to turn the light on at night… these are that awesome.

May be in for 3 more sets to give as gifts.


The smell is in the candle… the candle it real, the flame is battery operated… but, don’t be discouraged. The vanilla scent is very little by the 8 week mark.

Can I replace the vanilla candle with unscented ones? Are they a standard size candle?


I bought 12 of these a few weeks back. These were an absolute lifesaver last week during Hurricane Issac when my girlfriend and I were out of power for 3 days. Highly recommended.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing here to replace or refill (other than the batteries). They are candle wax in the shape of a candle. In the base there is a battery pack and an LED that glows from inside the wax to simulate a flame. There might be someone who makes an unscented model, but this is not the unscented candle you’re looking for.

Thanks, Bizze! I may take a chance anyway for this price.

The outside of the candle, the carved part, is a heavy version of candle wax. There is no “candle” to replace, just batteries. It does smell like vanilla if you put your nose right up on it, but otherwise there is very very little smell. I wouldn’t let the scent stop you from trying them if you are otherwise interested. I really love mine!

I bought 3 sets last time they were on and I love them…I gave 2 sets as gifts and they were a big hit…in for 3 more!

So can anyone compare these to the Scenterrific fragrance warmer? Like, should I get these if I want the candle vibe and the Scenterrific if I want the fragrances?

I plan on getting one or the other, I’m just not sold on which one I should get.

Sounds about right. Nobody would buy these for the fragrance. There’s no heat to get these going, and the scent isn’t particularly strong to begin with, so it’s mostly just a little bonus, but it probably won’t last all that long.

These are battery powered so they can be placed anywhere without worrying about cords, and they’re far cheaper while still providing somewhat-decorative and functional candle-like lighting. They’re also pretty large; somewhat bigger than you might expect from looking at the pictures, but not really huge.

The Scenterrific costs a lot more, but comes in many different designs, and has a warmer to activate the fragrance (and the fragrance disks are replaceable so the scent can last almost indefinitely if you keep buying disks), and no batteries to worry about. Of course, the trade-off is you’ve got to plug them in, which can be inconvenient in some cases.

Either product provides many of the advantages of an actual candle without the fire danger or melting wax, etc, but otherwise they’re quite different.

Just curious as to how bright these are. Are they as bright as a real candIe? I was tempted the last time they offered them, but the woot photographer didn’t put up an image showing how bright they are in low light when you would typically use them.

i got these last time they were offered. They are very nice, although you cant see them unless the room is dim. Also, they have a timer mode that makes them come on every 24 hours for 5 hours. I turned mine on at 9pm, and they have been automatically coming back on at 9pm since them! same batteries as well.

They are about 6" tall, a little bigger than I expected, but still good

Hmmm, I like this endorsement. My apartment doesn’t get a lot of natural light in, so when I do lose power, it gets dark in the place even before the sun goes down.

To anyone who bought these last time around:

It says the outside is made of real wax. Does that mean that the base is wax and I will need some type of protective holder to place them on?
I don’t want to put a wax candle directly on my furniture.

You had me up until “vanilla scented.”

These helped a lot last week when we lost power for 4 1/2 days during Isaac. Will be buying more.