Westinghouse Gas Powered Pressure Washer


This unit is not certified to UL 1776 which is the industry safety standard for pressure washers. Research that before making a purchase. That standard applies to all pressure washers, both gas and electric.

Hmm, another meh IMHO. Costo has 3100 PSI pressure washers with Subaru engines (WITH ELECTRIC STARTERS) for $269 right now. Beats the heck out of yanking a cord and they have a higher PSI rating.


Not a deal at all. Sam’s has a 2500 psi for $199 and a 2800 psi with a Honda engine for $259.

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Triple confirmed, not at all a deal. Lowe’s has 2500 PSI units with Generac engines for $249, and you could pick it up today.

This needs to be $100 less to be a deal at all.


A warning for all users of gas powered light duty pressure cleaners. Keep the hose away from the muffler, it is made of plastic and just touching the hot surface will melt a hose in a matter of seconds. You can’t repair the hose and a new one costs about $30. The heavy duty ones come with a rubber and steel braided hose that holds up much better. If I was to buy a light one I would stick with electric, the pressure is about the same and you don’t have to fool around with gasoline.

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After my (and others) debacle with the Generac GP5500 and their chinese knockoff of honda engine, I’ll never buy another generac powered unit.