Westinghouse Halloween Solar Light Kits

**Item: **Westinghouse Halloween Solar Light Kits
Price: $97.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Aaah, sanity returns, There may be glowing heads stuck on spears in effigy, but at least the “discuss this deal” button is back where it belongs.

Woot, I have 100’s of these already… Is BOC evar gonna get here?

Really? I mean really? this may not sell out till Halloween

I quit. Call me when the boredom ends.

This has got to be the sorriest woot ever. I am reminded of the LT in “Good Morning Vietnam” that tried to recreate Robin Williams character.
Amazon has fallen on their face!

ugh, still at 100%. How can that be when people bought some??? Come on woot!

People from Wisconsin really like halloween crap in their yards

Your post will be deleted any time now. I agree Woot just isnt what it used to be…

i think woot broke or something

I guess we know what will be stuffed inside the next Baskets of Candy. Looks like they are going to have to give these away.

Woot isn’t broke yet, but if they keep selling crap like this, they might be heading towards the red.

What happened to you woot!!! Used to be such an amazing site for deals like 3+ years ago. And now you suck…

seems like we would be getting another BOC any moment, don’t they still have two batches to release?

I’m guessing most of the 1’s they have are the 97.99 25 piece pumpkin sets and they have only sold some of the lower priced sets, and that is why it hasn’t moved at all…

Who in the hell impulse buys a $99 set of solar lights they can only use for a couple weeeks out of the year? I just think this sort of thing is better suited for the side-sales

at this rate it will be on here anotner 2 hours…Yawn.

It’s been forever, but few pieces of so called wisdom:

  1. Although I think the new Amazon management above TT has made things worse (especially selling a zillion items now), I still think too many (in my opinion) are looking at the past through rose-colored glasses (I look back at what they were selling 3-5 years ago, and it’s not THAT much different–maybe more tech if anything in the past). Again, example 1:
    http://www.woot.com/offers/scarface-wall-clock or anything from Excalibur.
  2. Woot could pull these any minute now in order to get the remaining bags in before the evening is through. It’s been done before.
  3. Honestly, no woot-off wouldn’t be complete without a “worst woot ever” complaint.
  4. I’ll probably miss getting one of these with work beckoning, but happy wooting to the rest of y’all, including TT.

I look back at the comments from 3-5 years ago & they’re all like “woot! sucks!” “woot! just isn’t the same anymore!” “wah! wah! wah!” so…yeah. I’m with ya’.