Westinghouse Halloween Solar Light Kits

The low-intensity flickery light from solar lights seems a natural for Halloween mood lighting, and the Jack-o-lantern style look like they could be halfway spooky, but no way I need 25 of these.

Anybody in Rhode Island want to split an order?

Wondering about the timing of shipping. I know Woot is sometimes fast, sometimes not-so-fast. Really don’t want to put $90 into a nice set of 25, only to receive them two days before Halloween? Seems like they should have sold these a month ago.

Ahh, I stand corrected on timing. These appear to be left-overs from a Woot-Off of a week ago at $97.99:


Clearance sale them at $50 and I’m in!

Checking on the Gladiator set.

The Gladiator set is as pictured: 5 bats, 5 pumpkins.

Why is the witch riding around on cupcake icing?

REVIEW: I have one of the lights from the Gladiator set (they were sold as singles at a local store) and it works great – even after the dog pulled it up and chewed off the stem and we had to prop it in a potted plant.

Then how do I cancel my order? I purchased based on the description, which is reflected in the last picture. I’m not interested in the 5/5 you’re stating.

Also, have you thought about emailing the other people who purchased prior to your description update? If I hadn’t been reading the discussion, I wouldn’t have known to ask to have my order cancelled and I would have been pretty pissed off to be “surprised” with the wrong item on shipping receipt.

Sorry for the problems. Please email support@woot.com for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

We’ll be contacting the folks who placed an order for the Gladiator kit before we clarified the features & specs.

Here’s a tip for cheap holiday decorating if you already have garden lights. I have some conventional spot lights and up lights in the garden. I bought some of these colored PAR36 size filters which are designed for DJ lighting, about $1.50 each ($5.99 per set of 4), in orange, red, and green (for Halloween and Christmas). You can tape them onto your existing lights if they don’t fit exactly. Biggest possible bang for your buck.