Westinghouse Intelliblend Black Blender with LCD

[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/Westinghouse_Intelliblend_Black_Blender_with_LCD-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft]Welcome to the Westinghouse Intelliblend Black Blender with LCD topic page for Friday, August 19, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.
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first page!!?

Interesting… But sadly, no dice. Still nice to get on the first page w/ the first post, good thing it’s only a 10pm start time here for the Woots.

bahhh blenders BOC BOC BOC!!!

WOOT-O-CLOCK ™!!! The time formally known as Midnight. (Adjust for your time zone [;)] )

Westinghouse Intelliblend Black Blender with LCD $29.99 + $5 shipping

What better to do than to sip Pina Colada’s from this WOOT and eat something tasty cooked on Calphalon Cookware and bakeware.

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not for me

who would want one of these with an lcd ???

how many crappy blenders, speakers and small mp3 players do we really need?

I am so tired of all of these kitchen products. Is this to cater to your 3 female fans? How about a BOC!!!

Thanks for not deleting this post

westinghouse roxs! but not for me! back to .hack//quarantine!
and first page!

I won’t buy something smarter than I am!

Keep 'em coming, you can’t satisfy all the people all the time.

I already have a blender I don’t use and it doesn’t have a goofball display. By having one with a LCD display do you really think I’d use it more? No.

Edit: 1st page. Woo hoo!

It is interesting, but I already have 3 various blenders that I don’t use.

I’ll be back same time tomorrow.

sweet but saving for something better looks like it can make good milkdhakes

best so far…3rd post. Not gonna buy though. Not hi-tech enough. Maybe if I could program it :slight_smile:

Darned it all, I just bought a blender two weeks ago!!!

i REALLY love this blender… as much as i love marlon. go buy it!.. while i buy marlon…

woot woot 1st page bebeh!!! blender? not for me. just want to say, here in COLLEGE HOSPITAL, we loooove the WOOOOT WOOOT!!! shout out to RASTA, C.B., DI DI, ZENPETA, SARAH LEE, NEEREE, LIZZY, ATE CHRIS, & OF COURSE, ME, CHUCHAAAI!!!

Yea and I’m from Alabam

First page WOO HOO
First time :slight_smile:
I’m totally getting one of these!