Westinghouse Outdoor Landscape Lights

Can someone explain “Solar bug killer” to me?

I have the hanging Europa lights in stainless - a set of 12. The glass makes a HUGE difference in the light (as opposed to the plastic that ages so fast). They are quite bright. Two of mine have gone bad - but I think that’s a problem with all solar lights. I also like that they hang - if we have a bad storm coming, I bring them into the porch.

So besides getting the kids in before a storm I also have to bring in the outdoor lights to the porch area? To much work for me I will pass on this one.

“Solar bug killer” refers to the features this light has: you can select the solar light or the bug killer uV light.
Yeah, the title is confusing. “Solar & bug killer lights” would have been better.

I wish they’d make a solar light system that allows you to collect the solar power elsewhere. On half of my yard is really shady & invariably those light are very dim & only have an hour in them & are out. :confused: If they could hook them up to a wire & let me lay little solar panels elsewhere, we’d be in business.

I bought these last year; there’s a switch on the bottom, so you can select UV light or regular light. They do kill bugs; the ‘fry tray’ around the bottom proves it. All 4 of mine are still going strong. In for more.

Questions about the Solar Deluxe Spot Light:

(1) Would these (planted in the ground pointing up) be bright enough to illuminate a flag hanging about 3-5 feet from the lights? The idea is to put enough light on the flag that it is visible from the road (about 50 yards away) in the dark.

(2) Do these have a light sensor that automatically turns them on when it’s dark (and off when it’s light) outside?

I’ve used the “spotlight” kind for lighting a flag mounted on the side of the house, work fine but I recommend at least 2, if not 3 or 4 from different angles.

There is a photovoltaic cell on these that turns the lights off when the sun is up so they don’t run all the time. They automatically turn on at dusk.

Ugh I thought these would be up until midnight… snooze ya lose I guess.

I bought two sets, and already two of these lights have crapped out.