Westinghouse Portable Generator

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Westinghouse Portable Generator
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4.8 Stars over at The Home Depot

CHeck out the product page

A must have. this one has plenty of power, for when the lights go out in the winter. I see it has Electric Start… a big motor so you will need that feature…
I have a generator, only 4000 watts w/o electric start. and it cost almost as much as this one. I wish I could trade up. Hopefully never need it. I hate when the “lights go out”

Not a bad deal! Keep in mind if you get a generator, it’s important to keep fresh gas in it and always use a gas stabilizer. My neighbor bought one, put gas in it and fired it up to test it, then put it away and forgot about it. Three years later during a bad winter storm he went to use it and couldn’t get it started, the gas had turned to turpentine in the tank and carb.

I have owned one for two years. Works great. Electric start works quickly. Have used it twice without a problem. Cons, customer support are idiots. The manual clearly states maintenance required after hours of operation. But no clock on the unit. Never saw one without a clock. Called customer service, no clue. Asked other questions since the manual is poorly written. You will probably spill gas when trying to fill as there is a restricter in the inlet that only allows you to put the nozzle in about 4 inches. This does not work well with the new Federal gas cans, since you cannot put the nozzle in far enough to activate the release. Today I would buy a different one.

Best bet is never store a motor for more than a couple of weeks with gas in it. Run it til it quits, then store it.

You must have a different model, the photos clearly show an “hours” counter on this one.

One way to avoid this is to use ethanol free gas, recreational fuel for boats. It lasts and lasts. Use the pure gas app to find ethanol free gas.

Bad gas? Go dual-fuel: http://www.costco.com/Champion-7000W-Running--9000W-Peak-DUAL-FUEL-Generator-wElectric-Start.product.100220385.html

i almost pulled the trigger on past generators, but they never seem to be as good as the one my father-in-law has.
i forget the brand, but it’s orange/black and has a removable/corded control panel, so the generator can stay outside, but you can run the control panel/outlets inside.

probably more than this version though

I would agree with that. Ethanol will gunk up the components make them work harder. At our rescue station we ran all of our chainsaws, portable powers for the jaws out of regular gasoline fuel and then used pure gasoline without ethanol and found they are running much better and less fluttering.

Great when the power goes out and it has electric start? I assume it used a battery? And if the battery is dead, what do you do?

Keep in mind that “Westinghouse” is just a name they slapped on some unit, likely an import, and have no service department and fewer people who have even seen the product. Brand names mean nothing in 2015.

Jumper cables + car?

Pull on the yellow handle with the rope attached to it?

I wonder what brand of engine.

That’s crazy talk!

So, I would have to go to a marina to buy ethanol free gas?