Westinghouse SaladXPress Salad Spinner



Thanks, but my hands work fine…


Oh my lord. AUTOMATIC salad spinners? Is THIS how lazy a nation we’ve become?


have we gotton soo lazy that we need a machine to toss our salads…looks like we do…


Mmmm salad…
Mmm Prices…
SecretPrices … $27.99

Froogle … $27.99


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Westinghouse SaladXPress Salad Spinner
$14.99 + $5 shipping
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Only in America do we create things like salad spinners. Because we all know, a spun salad is better than a regular one.


Wow that’s almost as lame as McDonald’s salad shaker, tighten up woot!


I wonder if the Westinghouse product manager who brought this to market still has his/her job?


Oh my, well my mom has this and that is the sole reason I can’t buy it. It works pretty well but I find that it’s a bit more work than just chopping it up yourself.

If your really lazy Id recommend this cus it will give you nice shredded lettuce (think taco bell lettuce) which is kinda cool. Cleaning it is a pain though because the lettuce gets stuck in the grooves, but the attachments are dishwasher safe.


LOL! I was at Big Lots today… and they had these for (are you ready?) $15.00.

Woot is a cool place, but this isn’t one of their coolest deals.


how funny… i just purchase this from BigLots last weekend… for $15 + CA tax, so its about the same price as Woot w/ shipping… it actually works really well…



Amazon reviews. Costs $36 there.


Hey those shakers salads 1 were good and 2 were a wonderful size and efficient for space/on the go eating.


great, i love macroni and potatoe salad! great for b-b-q’s. can this spin about 10lbs of potatoes and 1lb of elbow macroni with eggs?



 n 1: a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your woot expectations 
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Now that’s darn funny!!


The Podcast was the most hilarious W00t song ever!


I have one of these babies. NOTHING grates cheese faster. Seriously – 1/2 pound in about 10 seconds! Great woot!


KICK A@@!!!
I am so excited. Been wanting a regular ol’ salad spinner for ages. Who knew they made electric ones?! Can’t wait. Although I’ll miss enjoying those fast food “chicken wads”, and all.
Thanks, woot. You’re awesome.