Westinghouse SlicerToaster Two-Pack


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


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]p1, wooteelicious finds another site selling this toaster for much more
[]p1, ccanni1028 reminds us that if you say “I want one,” you’ll get two toasters
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GREAT deal!!


Mmmm… toasted kittens… I’m in!


most places list EACH one for $34.99, great woot… but not something I need… does it slice kittens too?


Can’t go wrong with kittens.

Westinghouse SlicerToaster Two-Pack WST3001W
$29.99 + $5 shipping

Retail: $79.99
SmartBargains.com: $34.99 for one
Yahoo! Shopping: $34.99, same, including the SmartBargains listing.
Inkleaf.com: $54.93 (but out of stock) for one
eBay.com: No completed listings. (Interestingly enough, those toaster/breadbox units from a couple woots back are up for like $10.)
eBay.com: Currently for sale: buy it now for $69.99 and $76.99. For only one each. No shipping included.
Amazon.com: $34.99 for one. No reviews yet. (And it’s not sold by Amazon but through SmartBargains again.)

Woot whoops 'em on this one, provided it’s a good product (no reviews!) and you’re in the market for it. Also, this would make a great gift if your dad is Sandy Cohen.


it has a cancel button, in case you do not want toast


This item is teh awesome! and teh chahep!


please don’t toast the kittens!


Amazon gave it 9/10 I’ll be getting one of these (sister’s birthday is coming up.) Thanks
(edited to remove spam link.)


finally, a kitty slicer! my dogs been lookin for one of these.


Well, thank goodness they didn’t put the kittens IN the toasters…


bought the last westinghouse toaster with the bread box… i think it’d be nicer if woot sold a toaster oven instead, more useful.


Nice slicer


I love toasted kitties


Woo HOO!

but how do I get the kittens to go through the slicer???

my sweetie will KILL me if I buy a kitten abusing appliance like this, but I am tempted…



about 53 bucks for one in black

i sure wish i could get the kittens instead… awwwww coochy cooccchy coo


Toasted kitten sandwiches???



Put me down as the second type of person… the horrible mutilator of kitens.

I have never seen a toaster like this. What were they thinking?


Sweet Little Kittens.