Westinghouse Ultra-slim 42” 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

Hell of a deal there!

Ugh, enough with the TV’s.

…and the nut cancer paraphernalia.

My Buddy got one of these in the last wootoff… Great picture quality for a great price, but the speakers are less than substantial…

The contrast ratio doesn’t suck… :slight_smile:

who called the 42" tv a while back after the 27?

I bought one during the last run. You will have to add a sound bar to it as the speaker is really bad. Picture quality is great though and this is a really good price.

i called the 42, but i want to know why its not $259?

Some pretty poor reviews on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Westinghouse-LD-4255VX-42-Inch-1080p-Black/product-reviews/B0045I8ATG/ref=cm_cr_dp_hist_1?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&filterBy=addOneStar

Now I want to go to a carnival and eat elephant ears…has w00t moved on from Livestrong to some sort of weird circus theme…?

You think there’s a connection??!! Might be why the tv’s are so inexpensive!!! Don’t stand too close to the screen.

Speakers on any of these LED hdtvs suck. When you only have less than 2 inches, there just isn’t enough rooms for even a mediocre set of speakers. Plus, they usually fire out the back, so it makes matters worse.

If you get the LED, plan on getting or using a stereo of some sort.

But it is a hell of a price.

Man, just a little cheaper. I am looking for a sub $400 40"+ LCD. So close.

Well, if you bought one of every camera yesterday, it only makes sense to have one of every tv to display the pictures on.

Westinghouse makes the worst TVs, period.

This one’s gonna take a while. See you later.

Double the price and make it 65" and I’ll be in for one.

Bought this TV during the last run for an upstairs room - works perfectly for what it is. The speakers will need upgraded if you want this to be your main or living room TV - but that’s true for most televisions.

Can’t beat the price.

It’s been over a year since I was a regular Wooter… do they still sell Sansa players?

…too expensive.