Westinghouse Ultra-slim 42” 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

cheaper than amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Westinghouse-LD-4255VX-42-Inch-1080p-Black/dp/B0045I8ATG


Product site: http://westinghousedigital.com//

Great Picture, but the speakers are Horrible. So make sure you have surround sound.

Nice specs for the price, but my experiences with Westinghouse = caca.

I would like to have a SV470M model of vizio to get the full advantage of 1080p Full HD feature.

Got one of these from Target a while back. Great picture, terrible sound (tiny speakers - the sound got completely distorted when you tried to turn the volume up), and a remote that didn’t really work more than 4-5 feet from the TV (the latter two complaints were pretty common on the Target web site). Returned mine fairly quickly.

Reviews are okay, not the best. Many complain about sound quality.

When I think of Westinghouse I think of dishwashers and refrigerators…not so much t.v.s. So what’s the quality on these things? How’s the picture and how do they hold up?

The writeup was quite genius… props.

Last Westinghouse I had only lasted 11 months. After some quick googlin’ I convinced myself to never buy one of their products again. Get a warranty with the money you’re saving.

I own this tv. I have it in a 13’ wide by 15’ long room, the speakers are fine for this size room. Very happy with this tv.

How is this as a possible living room TV (not media room or den), with a simple sound bar? It’d be wall-mounted, with a cable-box as its only input, and with the cable-box remote handling pretty much everything.

$595 on Amazon

Not very good reviews only 2.5 stars

Careful, I got one of these, it came DOA then took Westinghouse over a month to replace it.

Works great in my living room and I use the tv speakers (for now)

when its broken it makes a really good paperweight

The picture makes the TV look like a parallelogram.

$549 at Tiger Direct. With two reviews.