Westinghouse Ultra-slim 42” 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

great for hanging on a wall

http://www.retrevo.com/s/Westinghouse-LD-4255VX-TVs-review-manual/id/23809bh543/t/1-2/ Very basic Review.

I want a good sounding t.v. - how is the surround sound on this?

It’s a human! No, it’s a dog! No, it’s Monkey Dog!!

woot! is getting shakespearean:

“TV or not TV; that is the question . . .”

hah. and apparently i was not the only one to think this immediately, go figure. i am not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

that dog is in the Amazon like people we know

worst speakers ever
i have this tv. deff would need to upgrade to surround sound

Westinghouse is the another name for the portable toilet of televisions. Consumer reports rates this 24/100. This is the bottom rated 42" big ol pile of @!#$%#

no fair! i paid you $20 more for this just a couple of weeks ago! grrrr!

New & LED; wonder how’s westinghouse…

I think I’ve seen a couple of these on Woot before. Anyone out there ever bite the bullet? There’s always plenty of mixed reviews about Westinghouse.

How’s the QA on these things? Many dead pixels or screen issues?

Well I guess it’s midway between Christmas and all the Superbowl buying so everyone’s trying to unload their TVs… even Woot.

No WiFi or ethernet? This is so 20th century.

Does this thing have “smart stretch” for watching old 4:3 content??

Ya know where a square picture is stretched to fit the widescreen, but the middle is stretched just a little and the edges are stretched a lot.

It’s a TV; it sounds like [insert vulgar word here]. If you want good sound, buy some real speakers and a receiver. End of story.

Buy a Westinghouse TV so you can watch this creepy Westinghouse commercial on it.

Westinghouse LD-4255VX HDTV Product Website

Since this HDTV is considered part of the LD-425 Series, here’s a more direct web link below:

Westinghouse 42″ 120HZ LED HDTV LD-425 SERIES

Bought one of these from a big box store, returned the next day and bought a Samsung plasma for less. This is an edge lit panel and the sound was awful.