Westinghouse UNPLUG Bluetooth Sound System

Review Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvrO2jj5Vtw

Says in the video that it recharges in 4 hours and lasts about 10 hours. Seems decent for the price.

Good review I was able to find:

DO NOT BUY. There’s a known defect where the USB plug in the back breaks off when you try to unplug it. Westinghouse makes you send in the broken unit before sending you a new one. I’ve had to replace two of these. I’ve spent more time without the speaker than with. Shame, because it sounds good, but if you’re ever going to unplug the unit, it’s really not worth the risk.

Picked one of these up earlier. Can’t say I have had the problem with the plug the other poster has but mine basically sits on my desk, I don’t move it really.

Been basically pleased. Still not great sound, but better than the laptop speakers and it does imparts SOME base. Overall, satisfied with the sound considering the size.

One problem I have had is that using it with GoToMeeting, there is a delay that causes horrible echoing. Not this is not necessarily the fault of the speaker, could be the lag imposed by bluetooth so the noise canceling gets confused.

Thanks for the heads up!
It seems form the reviews on Amazon, that this is indeed an issue. Pity.

so calling this unit the “UNPLUG” is just a cruel joke on the part of Westinghouse?

I have had mine for almost a year and this little baby rocks. It sounds so much better then my daughts jambox. No problem with the plug in’s and I use this baby a ton. It has been great. I’m actually buying 3 more for gifts. At this price it kicks butt over some of the competitors at twice or three times the price. woot woot

OR, get a 3" extension for $.50 and leave that plugged in to the port on this if you want to save huge bucks on what sounds like an excellent deal.

I have had one for about 7-8 months and it has been great. I haven’t even notice any looseness in the plug. This speaker works for what I want it to do and I am very happy enough with it. Use it while working and take it outside when doing things. No problems on my end.

Mine lasted about 2 weeks before it stoped charging. Then the USB port broke off. These are junk.

I wanted to get one of these the last time they were $39.99 but waited too long and missed out. So, now that they’re back at that price, I just ordered one (red). As for the weak usb ports on some units, I noticed that, at least on amazon, the few defective units were all black. Perhaps the problem was fixed once they started making them in red, or white? Just a thought! And to me, if Westinghouse honors the 1 year warranty (should mine have a defect) I will be satisfied.

would this be a good option to use in a gymnasium to produce music? I know it wouldn’t light the place on fire, but at least provide a bit of background sound?

How is the sound? I currently have a Jambox Jawbone so I may be spoiled…

I have two red ones. Had. Both had to go back. So…no.

Westinghouse does honor the warranty. Slowly. VERY slowly. I bought this a few months back from Woot, and I’ve spent more time without the unit than with. And it’s a major pain getting through to them.

I’m not telling people to avoid buying them because I have a vendetta against Westinghouse. It’s just, after my experience, I don’t think this is a good product. For $20 more, there are other Bluetooth speakers out there that won’t break when you unplug them. I’m all for a deal, but junk is junk.

Had to send mines back …same issue with usb port. Loved it while it lasted though! Nice and loud…louder than jambox (the small one)

I’ve been using this for about 2 months now and I love it. Much louder (and better sounding) than my Jambox and doesn’t vibrate off whatever surface its playing on like that little thing does. Battery life has been great. My only complaint is sometimes the unit will randomly lose its sync and will take a few tries to get paired back up. But it only happens every once in a while. If this comes back around I will be purchasing 2-3 more for friends and family.

DO NOT BUY THIS. I owned this for only a few months and the plug in broke. I read the same reviews above warning of this, but figured they were isolated incidences and I would treat it ever so gently and it will be fine. Boy, was I wrong. Despite the love and care I gave this, the plug in still broke. (it is that weak and that defective that normal plugging/unplugging will eventually cause it to fail.

I contacted westinghouse, and they took MONTHS to respond. During the whole time, constantly demanding I send them photos, copies of reciepts, details on where I got it, and at one time, proclaimed that woot items do not carry the same warranty and the woot savings cancels their warranty. Finally, after almost 3 months of weekly emails and phone calls, they graciously sent me a “courtesy” RMA number. However, I have to pay $11 to return it, which is the lowest amount it will cost to send it back via USPS with shipping confirmation. Why should I have to spend more money when I did nothing wrong? They know most people will do the math and find it not worth the money to send it back just to get another speaker that will break again after 2-3 months of use.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not buy this unless you want frustration. I assure you, this item will break. It is not a matter of if, but when. And it does not matter how careful you plug and unplug it, the connection inside is so weak,it will break. Why else do you think westinghouse is dumping these on woot at 75% off? They know they got a lemon on their hands and are hoping to just rid themselves of these things.

Learn from the mistakes of others. Google “westinghouse, unplug and defect” and you will see that this is a common and KNOWN defect by the company, and they will ignore you unless you repeatedly remind them of your defect claim, they will claim the info you sent them was lost, make you resend in the info again, ignore you some more until you email them 5 more times, then, and only after they are sure they can not make you go away by ignoring you or make you jump through hoop after hoop, they will tell you that you have to pay money to send them their broken junk back to them. It will cost you at least $10 to do this, and they are counting on all this ignoring, and waste of time and money to not have to stand by their empty warranty.

You have been warned. I have suffered and want to spread the word of their unethical behavior.

make you jump through hoops,

Check the reviews - we had the same issue w/ ours. The micro-usb plug broke for no reason at all after 5 months of ownership and light use.

Avoid it.

This is a great little speaker until you need to charge it.

They used the cheapest usb plug with no mechanical support. after a few uses the usb plug will tear right off the PCB. Even after opening the speaker you can see the traces are virtually destroyed.
I contacted Westinghouse and the response time and level of help is extremely poor.