Westinghouse UNPLUG Bluetooth Speaker


In case you didn’t see it…

Look here

Decent reviews.


I sent them a PM too, just in case, also mentioned that it was case sensitive.

Thanks. I was gonna PM in a bit. If s/he doesn’t post, wasn’t sure about PMing.

Multiple owners from Amazon report problems with the USB plug not standing up over time.

Amazon Reviews

The price went up. What happened to my post about it?

I found it here, my fault. http://www.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5786826&pageindex=1&replycount=9#post5786893

Edit: Nvmd - you found it

I’ll come out of the shadows, should be a fun day today! WOO!


It’s ok. It’s Monday.

It’ll be a fun day, cause you’re a fun guy!

What was that for?

Yes I did. I already filled my cart 2 times and spent a few hundred bucks. Have you been shopping W00T offs since 2006 too?

Do you mean that or are you looking for a pun? (It’s cool either way)

I wish, unfortunately I was late to the party, and didn’t find out about woot until 2011.

Thanks TT!


I consider that a compliment coming from you good sir!