Westinghouse UNPLUG Portable Bluetooth Sound System

I found my UNPLUG to have great and large sound, and so far none of the reported mechanical connector issues.

We love ours.

We picked up a red one when this was offered a couple of weeks ago. Am totally impressed with it - have tried it wired to a Sansa Clip+, Bluetooth to an iPhone 4s and a Google Nexus7. Works well, large sound. Haven’t had it long enough to comment about the micro usb connector for power, but it seems sturdy enough. Like that it uses the same power connector as about everything else I travel with - makes for less stuff to carry! Big sound for such a small package! Since have ordered three more on a Moofi sale to give as Christmas presents.

Ditto on the sound quality here. I have had some funky issues with Bluetooth pairing though - sometimes I have to turn it off and back on again before it will play nice with my devices.

Best bluetooth speaker I’ve owned so far. I even left it out in a pretty heavy rain overnight and the thing is still pluggin away like nothing happened. Not saying it’s waterproof…maybe I just got lucky!

Some slight connectivity issues once, but it was on the part of the iPhone, just had to forget the device and reconnect.

Highly recommended.

Ordered a few weeks ago and so far it has been great. Have not had any of the micro USB plug issues others have had, but I have been very careful plugging in and unplugging. Have a Bose Soundlink also and while it does sound better than the Unplug it doesn’t sound 10 time better like it costs 10 times more. Very happy so far.

I too bought one a couple weeks ago on Woot!. It’s a wonderful speaker with great sound and excellent build. you will read lots of reveiws mentioning the USB connection breaking…I noticed the supplied USB cable was a very tight fit into the back of the speaker. I can see how it would be easy to force the plug in and push the USB connector into teh speaker. However, I swapped the cable with a spare I had around the house and found that it fits easier into the speaker plug. I am still careful each time I plug it in, but no longer feel there is a great risk of damage.

I received mine and the volume up and down buttons does not work. I tried charging it up, pairing and unpairing and back again but no luck. The other touch sensitive buttons on the top work fine but the volume is too quiet even with the volume all the way up on my phone. Too bad as it seems like a nice unit.

Here’s the Westinghouse contact info if you want to contact them to see if they can help you problem solve it.