Westinghouse UNPLUG Portable Bluetooth Sound System

Mixed reviews over at “A”


On the fence?

I bought one about a month ago and so far I’m happy with it and each time I’ve used it I’ve received compliments. To me - well worth the price.

Any issues with the USB port feeling like it is flimsy? I’m looking for something like this, but some of the reviews I’ve read about the port breaking after only a few uses has me a little worried.

Be worried. I bought one a few months ago- the USB power port broke within two months. It took 6 weeks to get a replacement…and THAT one broke after two weeks. I’m still waiting for my second warranty replacement unit. They called two weeks ago asking me if I’d take another color…and I’ve heard nothing since.

There’s something wrong with these. Unless you’re never going to remove the USB cable, spend your money somewhere else. There’s too many reports on Amazon of problems with the port. Shame, because otherwise it’s a nice speaker.

I did have this problem when I bought mine 1-2 months ago. The USB port broke off literally the first time I used it. Westinghouse was cool about it and I am currently awaiting my replacement, but it was a little disappointing to have it break the day I received it. Sound is good for the size/price, fwiw