Westinghouse UNPLUG Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bought one during the woot off. Small speaker packs a big sound. Likely in for 2 more, my kids want to steal mine.

Was it the same price then?

This gets pretty poor reviews on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Westinghouse-Unplug-Wireless-Bluetooth-System/product-reviews/B00AN7VI92). It seems like there are much better options around this price point. I’ve done a lot of shopping around recently and something like the Urge Basics for $5 to $10 more would be a huge upgrade.

I got one for a friend a few times ago. Yes, Woot was selling them for more money.

This thing is tiny, less than 2-1/2" deep, less than 3" tall and less than 6" long. For that size, no the bass isn’t wonderful, but it sounds pretty good, and the battery lasts a good long time. If you arrange it near you on a table, you will actually get a bit of stereo separation from it.

Problem reported by some was that the small usb receptacle in back was not secured to the circuit board very well, and broke off inside if you didn’t insert the cord very carefully. There are instructions on YouTube on how to break into the unit to fix it, but it doesn’t look easy. And like many others of its kind, the batteries are not designed to be replaceable.

All in all, my friend’s been careful, and it’s still working for him, and he likes it. At this price, I’d buy another if I needed one.

I bought one a year ago on woot for $39.99, and it was totally worth it! So $24.99 is a steal!

I just bought 3 more

Definite problems with the charging port falling out or coming out with your cord. Too bad too great sound , durable product, battery longevity, but absolute waste after the pin falls out. Can’t charge. Had to take a loss on the ones I sold. Tried to resolder a new pin, no luck at all. Just a freakin shame. Don’t buy unless your going to dispose of after a few times!

Great sound, yet there is a problem with the charging port, just be very careful and should be okay.

Would this problem with the charging cord be covered under warrentee with Westinghouse?

Don’t do it!!!

I bought 2 of these last year ans the charging port broke after a couple uses. The customer service and Westinghouse is useless.

Bought one at $39.99 on here about a year ago, too, and it was well worth it. I did a lot of research and the only problem anyone reported was with the charging port, but I haven’t had any issues.

In for another!

Can this speaker operate when it is charging. Want to provide tv sound closer to seating area.

I bought one from woot a few months ago. I liked the speaker, but like others said the USB charging is flimsy. The port on my speaker broke within a few weeks. Westinghouse customer service is bad, really bad. After I sent in the broken one, it took me over a month to get the replacement. In the meantime, I bought the TDK q35 from woot. That’s a really good speaker.

Wow that’s odd, all the reports of the USB charge port breaking off or not working. Exact same thing on two of the Lynx BT speakers i bought, same model probably still listed somewhere here. Seems like all the BT speakers on woot are suffering similar issues.

I’ve been using mine for about a year and it’s great. In for another today. I’m careful with plugging it in and haven’t noticed any issue with the charging port on mine.

The reviews on Amazon aren’t favorable at all! I’d stay away …

Does anyone else recognize the irony of a device with a problematic plug being called “UNPLUG”?

Fantastic that you had good luck but to clarify, the issue I referenced had nothing to do with being careful and everything to do with a manufacturing defect as evidenced by what I found when I opened them up. A quick google search confirmed the mountain of identical reports of the charge ports breaking off the first time the adapter is plugged in. Including mine.

I have yet to receive ANY UM100 from Woot-order placed 05/25. Has this happened ton anyone else-- with our without the following?
I ordered the white, and got this weird email from Woot???

"Who was your favorite character in The Wizard of Oz? Ours was the Horse of a Different Color. That’s why if we had ordered some Westinghouse Bluetooth speakers in black, but received white ones instead, we’d be over the rainbow!

But we totally get it if you just want what you ordered. If that’s the case, contact us at support@woot.com by 5/10 and we’ll organize a swap. We’ll also throw in a 16GB USB flash drive for your trouble. Sorry about that.

If we only had a brain …"