Westinghouse W4207 42” LCD HD Monitor

its back but why???

Bacon On Croissant? Where is my Bacon On Croissant?


lots of teeeeveeez. geeeez! BOC BOC BOC BOC

Reburb R0X0RZ!

is this a going out of business sale?

No tuner. How suxx0rz.

oh ya …buy them before i do

Killer ! oh i mean Woot killer


hold it!

Does “monitor” mean it does not have an OTA tuner?

Bring back the VIZIO!!!

so much junk so little time.

nope… not it!

not a TV… a monitor…

Bring on the Crap

effing boooooooooooooooo

bag of crap

HARDCORE! don’t mistake it as a tv guys… LMAO HAHAHA u must be some hardcore gamer if you buy this… NNERRRDDDD