Westinghouse WFL650 Select Series…

Got one of these last time they were up. Sanded a bit to get rid of roughness, but now it’s a nice pan. Good shape, weight and handle.

Thanks for that…in for one. Xmas present for my daughter

Oh wait…7.99 on amazon as an “add on” item with free shipping and $25 spend

The pan is listed as 6.5” in the title and 10” in the body. Which is it?

The $8 one on Amazon is the 6.5”.

I think they let Morty the monkey write the descriptions for anything that has an inch size in the title. The package of 100 press/self seal 8" x 10" bags is only 5 x 6 inches in the description. I would definitely take one of these if it were the 10" - but 6" is only useful as a wall decoration…

I ordered 3 of these earlier this year from a Woot sale and one of them showed up cracked. I called customer service and they sent me another one that had the handle broken off due to poor packaging and weak quality of the pan. Unlike quality cast iron skillets, these are brittle and lack the thickness of the better ones. If you drop this one on your tile floor, it’s going to break. If you drop a Lodge cast iron skillet on your tile floor, the tile is going to break. Don’t expect greatness but they do cook well.