Westside Witch

Honestly, I may be too afraid to unfold it when I get it.

“Sure, they look like a tough gang, but watch 'em run when it starts to rain!”

does the design melt when you wash the shirt?

Ugh, this witch needs a nail trim.

This witch needs a blingin’ raincoat, not a necklace.

Just stick in the wash and you’ll be fine.

Needs a Tupac bandana print on that hat to complete the look

Dry clean only, I’m guessing.


I just feel that there is such a wealth of humour to be had at the expense of the Wicked Witch of the West. And all we do is give her the ‘west-side’ hand-gesture? Meh.

The hat kind of blends into the background of the shirt. It looks as if this is the new album cover the the hot new rapper MC-Queezy

/Give it up for the westside, yo

Her nose terrified me when I was little. It’s all I could think of when she was on screen.

a shirt i won’t be able to wear in my neighborhood

Hahaha, right after I bought tickets for Wicked! And hey, that’s my sign too, homie.

Who knew Elphie would fall in with the wrong crowd? ):

is there a cigarette behind her ear??

IS that a Joint behind her ear? yes. yes it is.

Daaaaaaaamn… and I thought Dorothy was gangsta…



REPRESENT! Cause that’s how it’s done on the Westside of Oz. We don’t back down, and we got class & swagga.

Four fingers up, two twisted in the middle!